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Consider a Career as an HVAC Contractor

Deciding on a career comes with tremendous pressure. You want a reliable path with the state of the current job market. The pay has to be competitive, especially if you have a family to support.

Sometimes a four-year college isn’t for everyone, either. What do you do instead? How about pursuing a career as an HVAC contractor?

There are many advantages to working in the heating and cooling industry. Douglas Cooling & Heating is always looking for new HVAC service technicians with the passion to learn new things and problem-solve on the job. We proudly represent Bryant, and we also are experienced with other manufacturer products and equipment. Find out the benefits of an HVAC career and make the decision of a lifetime.

As Boomers Retire, HVAC Contractor Industry Continues to Grow

The heating and cooling industry continues to expand, which in turn creates a huge need for skilled HVAC team members. However, the enrollment in technical schools isn’t enough to meet the demands of the industry. Every year more baby-boomer generation workers retire, leaving even more vacancies in the heating and cooling industry. With job openings popping up left and right, you won’t have to worry about finding a position as an HVAC contractor.  

Additional reasons to pursue a career as an HVAC contractor:

  • Healthy Salary: Depending on where you are located, the starting salary for an HVAC contractor is competitive with overtime hours throughout the year. The average hourly wage for heating and cooling technicians is around $20, with an average annual salary of around $49,000.

    New HVAC contractors earn between $28,000 to $40,000 to start. These salaries are comparable to many careers requiring multiple advanced and expensive degrees. A technical degree is vastly more affordable in the long term in these cases.  
  • Advancement Opportunities: A career in the heating and cooling industry offers plenty of room for growth. How well you do depends on your commitment to ongoing training and certification programs.

    You can advance from a technician, to an installer, all the way to a distribution manager depending on your commitment and hard work. Other areas in the industry you can excel toward are HVAC engineers.

    A career as an HVAC contractor offers you many different options for advancements; the choice is yours!
  • Stability: As an HVAC contractor, you will enjoy stable employment because the demand for heating and cooling technicians is so high. There will always be homes and businesses with air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and other HVAC equipment to be repaired, serviced and replaced.

    Plus, your job can’t be outsourced overseas or taken over by automation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs within the heating and cooling industry have increased by 15 percent since 2016, which is a clear sign a position will be open just for you!
  • Benefits: Most heating and cooling companies provide healthcare to their HVAC contractor employees, as well as vacation, life insurance and retirement plans. Company vehicles, tablets, tools and paid training are additional benefits when you join a reputable heating and cooling company.

Apply Today For Success Tomorrow

Get the most out of your future by pursuing a career as an HVAC contractor! The sky’s the limit in the heating and cooling industry.

Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating if you are interested in learning more about a career in the HVAC industry or to discuss job openings within our company. We hire only the best with NATE certification backing their training!

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