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Gift Mom Air Conditioning Service

Show Her You Care About Her Comfort for Mother’s Day

For the woman who gave you life, deciding on the right gift for Mother’s Day can be difficult. She may say she doesn’t want anything, so Alabama’s own, Douglas Cooling & Heating, has a unique option compared to the typical lunch or flowers. We offer air conditioning service, including preventative maintenance plans, and tune-ups to ensure your mother is kept cool this summer without worries of unexpected breakdowns.

Give the Gift that Continues to Give

May marks the beginning of summer with rapidly increasing temperatures and high humidity levels in Birmingham and the surrounding communities. Scheduling air conditioning service for your mother’s AC unit has several benefits to keep her smiling throughout the season. Douglas Cooling & Heating knows exactly what to do when it comes to keeping cooling equipment in tip-top shape. Our NATE-certified technicians are experienced and skilled to handle any challenge they come across on the job.

We offer different preventative maintenance plans, which can keep your mother’s cooling and heating system running smoothly throughout the year. With a maintenance plan, your mother won’t have to deal with scheduling service at the last minute for her HVAC system. Our plans are hassle-free with various discounts on repairs and new systems. Call us today to find out more about our different preventative maintenance plans and choose the best fit for your mother.  

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning service performed by qualified HVAC professionals will not only keep the mother in your life cool and comfortable, it will also save her money in the long run. Benefits of air conditioning service at the start of the season include:

  • Regular maintenance will keep your mother’s air conditioning system operating reliably. Units serviced annually experience fewer breakdowns during the summer. Inspections during maintenance calls catch problems before they erupt into disaster, reducing repair costs along the way. Improved reliability will give your mother peace of mind when it comes to her air conditioner’s performance.
  • Your mother’s HVAC unit will last longer with continued maintenance. The average air conditioner lasts 10 years, and with proper maintenance, your mother can enjoy her cooling system for close to 15 years before she has to deal with upgrading to a new air conditioner.
  • Increased efficiency is another benefit from preventative maintenance performed by a qualified HVAC professional. A unit experiences wear and tear due to added strain on its components, but maintenance reduces signs of strain, restoring life to your mother’s air conditioning system. Less stress on her unit will increase its efficiency and reduce her monthly energy bill.
  • Scheduling maintenance at the start of the summer will keep HVAC repairs low, especially when the heat rises. Your mother will notice less frequent repairs and appreciate the money she will save in the end. A maintained system will keep your mother cooler without struggling to pay for unexpected breakdowns in the future.

Schedule Additional Air Conditioning Service

Besides purchasing a preventative maintenance plan, Douglas Cooling & Heating offers other air conditioning services to keep your mother cool this summer. If your mother already has a maintenance plan, consider scheduling an air conditioning tune-up or duct cleaning for your mother’s cooling system. A tune-up provides many of the same benefits throughout the summer.

A typical tune-up will inspect your mother’s unit, including thermostat settings, refrigerant levels, the outdoor unit, and proper airflow. Our technicians will replace or clean the filter, tighten all electrical connections, and lubricate all moving parts. Many maintenance tasks are performed during a tune-up. Douglas Cooling & Heating offers affordable rates for tune-ups and will ensure your mother’s unit is operating smoothly by the end of the air conditioning service call.

Professional duct cleaning services are an excellent option for your mother this year. NATE-certified technicians will inspect and clean your mother’s ducts and vents, finding any leaks in the process. A proper cleaning extends to ducts, air handler, grilles, registers, and other components in your mother’s HVAC system. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating to find out more about our air conditioning services and decide which option is best for your mother.

Give your mother a gift that continues to provide throughout the summer! Air conditioning services performed by a qualified and honest HVAC company will make your mother and her AC unit happy. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to discuss our different preventative maintenance plans or to schedule a tune-up or other services for Mom’s special day.

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