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Will Your Heater Deliver on Game Day in Alabama?

If your home is the go-to hang out for game day, your heater better not fumble. Make it the first item in your watch-party playbook. Call now, especially if you notice warning signs it may not make it past the goal line. Before your game day guests arrive, schedule a tune-up with the pros at Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Heater Makes Strange Noises

Squeal, rattle, thump, bang — if you hear your HVAC system make any of these sounds, something is wrong and needs to be fixed. When running properly, it won’t make any odd sounds. A noisy heater indicates a number of problems. These range from a malfunctioning motor or blower assembly. At Douglas Cooling & Heating, we provide 24/7 emergency heating repairs in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. 

Utility Costs are Higher

Sometimes even when your heater is working, your HVAC system may have issues. If you notice your utility bill is abnormally high, it might be because you have an older system. Sometimes they must run longer, and therefore less efficiently, to keep your home warm.

In any case, check your system’s efficiency rating. Older heating systems may only have an AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, from 56 percent to 70 percent. For reference, high-efficiency units run at more than 90 percent AFUE. If your heating system isn’t up to date, our certified HVAC technicians in Birmingham will replace and install a new energy efficient heating system to save you money!  

Heater Blows Cold Air

This may be one of the more obvious signs something is wrong with your heater. If it blows cold air when you have it set to send warm air, it’s a likely sign of a fuel combustion problem. It may also be a leak in the ductwork to a particular area in your house. An HVAC pro can help you fix the problem and bring back the heat.

Heater Short Cycles

A heater short cycles if it starts, runs for a short period, then cycles down again. This could be because of a dirty air filter blocking airflow or something like a faulty thermocouple. In some cases, the furnace is too big or too small. In any case, you’ll want to call an HVAC pro out to your home to take a look to make sure it’s not something more serious.

Your Thermostat Breaks

If your thermostat isn’t working, it can’t tell your heater how much heat to produce. This usually happens when you have a blown fuse, loose wiring or tripped circuit breaker. Call a licensed professional technician to fix any suspected wiring issues.

You’ve Ignored Your Heater for a Year or More

Sure, it’s debatable something is wrong with your heater, but do you want to press your luck right before game day? If you haven’t had a tune-up for more than a year, you’re way past due for annual maintenance.

For Heater Issues – Call Douglas Cooling & Heating in Birmingham

One of the licensed pros at Douglas Cooling & Heating can give your system a thorough look and make any necessary repairs so your home can be the hot spot for catching the big game. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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