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Help! I Don’t Know What to Do With My Furnace!

As much as we all like to think that we can do everything and anything we put our minds to, we can’t all be great at everything! So, of course, it’s no wonder that you don’t quite know what to do with your furnace at the start of the winter season—you’re not a heating expert (and that’s quite alright!)

Knowing what to do with your furnace can be a bit tricky, which is why we are here to help! Below, we have provided a sort-of quick-guide to the types of services your furnace made need and when. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more (oh, and of course, remember to schedule your heating services in Birmingham, AL with our team!)


It’s inevitable: your furnace is going to require repairs at some point. Everyday wear and tear can put a lot of stress on your system, which, in turn, can cause damage. When your system is in need of repair, it becomes significantly less efficient, causing your heating bills to skyrocket. Plus, the longer your furnace continues to run with an existing problem, the more likely it is for the problem to worsen. Here are some signs that your furnace needs repair:

  • Increased heating costs
  • Funny noises
  • Lack of heat
  • Strange odors


Over time, your furnace will become old and outdated, placing you in the market for a new one. There are many benefits to replacing your old system with a new, high-efficiency model. An inefficient system can end up costing you a lot of money, both on repair services and utility bills. A professional can determine if your system needs to be replaced and correctly size and install your new system to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some signs that your furnace needs to be replaced:

  • The furnace is 10-15 years or older.
  • Increased repair needs
  • High heating bills
  • Consistent trouble getting warm


Let’s get one thing straight: all furnaces, young and old, need regular maintenance. Scheduling annual maintenance services is the only way to preserve your system’s efficiency while increasing its lifespan. During these visits, your HVAC technician is able to detect and repair minor issues before they become major and make any adjustments necessary to boost overall efficiency and performance.

Call in a Professional

Hiring a professional to take a look at your furnace is the best way to ensure that you are getting the exact services you need. Trust us, only a certified HVAC pro has the tools, training, and expertise to safely and correctly handle the complex needs of your system, the first time around.

And yes, while there may be plenty of amateurs willing to service your system for a fairly cheap price, remember that sometimes an attempt to save money can end up costing you much more in the long run. Therefore, when it comes to your comfort, you don’t want to take any risks!

To schedule your furnace services, contact the experts at Douglas Cooling & Heating. Your experience is what matters most! 

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