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You Get What You Pay For – How To Find A Quality HVAC Contractor

It’s recommended to research your options before buying a new heating and cooling system. No one wants to buy the wrong kind of equipment for their home or have it incorrectly sized. The search for a new system can be overwhelming but with help from a reliable, trusted heating and cooling company, you can buy what you need with ease. You want to look for specific qualities when shopping around for an HVAC contractor near you.   


One thing to consider when hiring an HVAC contractor nearby is their reputation. Reviews from other customers show a company’s commitment to customer service. Satisfied customers are quick to acknowledge when they’ve received prompt, affordable, and quality service.

You can also check out the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB rates businesses on a scale, A+ to F, which is easy for homeowners to understand. If the HVAC contractor has poor reviews and a low BBB rating, they don’t have a strong reputation in the community, among customers.  


Certified HVAC contractors are efficient, professional, and knowledgeable. You want to hire an HVAC contractor near you with the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification. If a technician isn’t certified, you won’t know what type of knowledge they have or the kind of work they produce.


Before giving you an estimate, a contractor should come out and survey your home. They will check for leaks in your current ductwork and measure your house for a new unit. If the contractor gives an estimate before inspecting your home, you might get the wrong type of system for your home, or it might not be adequately sized to fit the needs of your house. A trusted heating and cooling company will check your home out first and then offer a reliable estimate on a new unit and installation.  


A contractor from a trusted heating and cooling company should be knowledgeable about the latest advancements in the HVAC industry. They should know the proper installation methods for each system before committing to a job. You should also hire an HVAC contractor near you that knows how to size new equipment for your home correctly. You may have a current system that isn’t the right size so the contractor should measure your home regardless of the size of unit you already have.  

Heating and cooling technology continues to change from year to year, and a reliable HVAC contractor near you won’t discourage you from buying a higher efficiency system. If a contractor deters you from buying a more efficient system, the technician may not be knowledgeable regarding how to install it. They also may not be able to give you information on how a higher efficient model operates or how much money you will save. An experienced contractor won’t hesitate to perform HVAC repairs on advanced heating and cooling equipment or install these systems.

Hire an HVAC contractor near you that is reliable, certified, and employed with a trusted heating and cooling company. Douglas Cooling & Heating hires only the best NATE-certified contractors. Call us today for new installations, HVAC repairs, and preventive maintenance.

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