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Ideas to Help Tackle Your Poor Indoor Air Quality

You’ve been sneezing and coughing and congested quite a lot lately, and it is more than the usual issue that plagues you this time of year. A day or two of allergy symptoms have stretched well into a week-long episode and it is starting to seriously impact your ability to accomplish your daily tasks. What’s more, you’re extremely uncomfortable and about to run out of tissues.

Poor indoor air quality may be the main culprit in your respiratory troubles. The extra dust, dirt, and other debris in the air in your home may be aggravating your sinuses more than usual, despite your best efforts to keep your home clean. You don’t have to take this sitting down! We have some helpful ways that you can address your poor indoor air quality and start breathing easier again.

What You Can Do To Keep The Air Cleaner

Is there anything that you can do to improve your indoor air quality on your own? There are a couple of things that you can incorporate into your regular activities that will help if you aren’t doing them already.

  • Address air leaks: Do you feel a breeze coming from around doors and windows that are supposedly shut tight? It may mean there is an air leak around these parts of your home. You can address those air leaks with caulk or weatherstripping which will help keep dirty outdoor air from getting into the house
  • Dust regularly: We aren’t calling your cleaning skills into question. However, dusting on a regular basis does go a long way in removing the debris that might be aggravating your nose. Break out those microfiber clothes and give the flat surfaces in your home a once over at least once a week.
  • Change the HVAC air filter: Have you changed the filter for your HVAC system? If not, make sure to do so soon. This is something that should be done every one to three months and can help remove a good amount of debris from the airflow in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Systems Can Lend an Extra Helping Hand

We relate dirty air with the outdoors but many modern homes actually have worse air quality inside! Dust only does so much but you can’t exactly leave your doors and windows open all the time. That’s when these indoor air quality systems can come in handy:

  • Air Filtration: Air filtration systems sit in your ducts where they capture airborne debris and remove them from the airflow in your home. These systems are made to clean the air entering the rooms in your home, rather than protecting the internal workings of your HVAC system.
  • Air Purification: An air purifier in Shelby County, AL takes things a step further in terms of cleaning the air. Using electricity or UV light, air purifiers remove or destroy a variety of airborne contaminants that an air filtration system may not be able to tackle, such as mold spores, viruses, and bacteria.

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