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The Impact of a Clogged Condensate Drain

Heat pump mini split systems are incredibly helpful for keeping homes in our area comfortable throughout the year. While these systems offer great benefits to their owners, they do also require expert care to continue doing what they do. No system can work effectively or efficiently forever and most systems will fail early without professional services. A heat pump is no different.

Loose parts and electrical issues aren’t the only repair issues that a heat pump may encounter though. Clogged condensate drains are a fairly common heat pump repair in Birmingham, AL┬áthat our team can help address. Here is what you need to know about clearing your heat pump’s condensate line.

What the Condensate Drain Is For

The condensate drain within your heat pump is meant to drain away condensation. Seems pretty straightforward right?

Usually, during the summer, your heat pump will gather condensation within it during the cooling process. That moisture will drip into a condensate pain which will be emptied via the condensate drain.

Without that drain working properly, condensation will build up in your system and cause a host of problems during the summer and winter.

How a Clogged Drain Impacts You In the Wintertime

Over time, your condensate drain can become clogged by the combination of moisture and debris collecting in the drain and eventually creating, well, a clog. This much isn’t hard to understand. But the question you may have is how this impacts your comfort and system function in the winter. After all, condensation is created when cooling the house, not heating it.

Here’s the thing. Any clog that goes unaddressed during the summer season isn’t going to go away. It will stick around, as will any moisture that hasn’t drained properly due to the clog. This can create a number of problems which include:

  • Unpleasant smells created by heated-up debris in the condensate pan.
  • The growth of mold or mildew in the system.
  • The risk of stagnant water in the drain or condensate pan freezing and causing damage.
  • An increased risk of leaks in the home later in the year.

Addressing the Clog

If you have a clogged condensate drain in your heat pump that hasn’t been addressed, you probably won’t be surprised to find that you need to reach out to a professional to get that clog taken care of! The sooner the better too. The longer the clog goes unaddressed the worse its impact is likely to be.

A trained technician can examine your condensate line and get rid of any clogs and other leftover debris or moisture that are in the pan too. This will restore proper drainage and prevent mildew growth (and the icky smells that come with it.) The other great benefit that comes with getting a professional to take care of this is that they are going to do it without causing any damage to your system–no amateur or DIY attempt is going to provide that level of peace of mind.

Your experience is what matters most! Contact the team at Douglas Cooling & Heating to get the system services you need.

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