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It’s Not Too Late to Install a Heat Pump This Summer

We’re in the thick of summer now, but it’s not too late to install a new air conditioning system if you really need one. Instead of suffering through the next few months with a sub-par system, consider installing a heat pump in your home. Let’s take a look at what a heat pump is, how it operates, and the benefits that it provides.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is very similar to a traditional air conditioner, but with a couple of important differences. There are two units, one installed inside the home and one outside. They are connected by refrigerant and power lines. When in cooling mode, the inside unit evaporates refrigerant in a coil to absorb thermal energy from the air in the ducts. It then sends the refrigerant gas down the refrigerant line to the unit outside, where it is condensed back into liquid to release the heat outside of the home. This is the same way that traditional air conditioners operate. The main difference between the two is a part called the reversing valve. This allows the heat pump to act as either a heating or air conditioning system.

Advantages of Using a Heat Pump

The ability to act as both a heating and air conditioning system is a huge advantage that heat pumps have over other climate control methods. By condensing both of these functions into one unit, you save a lot of space and money that would otherwise go to a separate system. Heat pumps are also much more energy efficient than most climate control systems, both air conditioning and heating. A heat pump will pay for itself in savings within a few years of installation.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers a full range of heat pump installation services throughout Shelby County, AL.

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