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5 Reasons to Call HVAC Repair

Know the Difference Between an Easy Fix and a Job Requiring a Professional

With the summer almost over, your air conditioning system might be experiencing some performance issues. Some HVAC repairs issues are easy to fix on your own, like replacing the filter or removing debris from the outside unit.

However, more serious issues can occur with your cooling system, and you may not be prepared to deal with them yourself.

This is when Douglas Cooling & Heating comes to the rescue. There are certain warning signs your air conditioner will exhibit when something is seriously wrong. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, call Douglas Cooling & Heating immediately for an HVAC repair. Our NATE-certified technicians are knowledgeable, and they have seen it all!

Call for HVAC Repair – HVAC Unit is Making Strange Noises

Air conditioners are designed to operate quietly, while supplying your home with cool temperatures. If you notice loud noises when your air conditioner is running, there may be a serious problem.

Excessive noise while your unit is running can result from a number of causes, which is why scheduling an HVAC repair is necessary. Our NATE-certified professionals will inspect your cooling system, diagnose the problem, and suggest options to fix the issue.

Call for HVAC Repair – Your Unit is Older than 10 Years

When air conditioning units get older, they experience more issues and require more HVAC repairs. If your system is 10 years old or more, call Douglas Cooling & Heating. The cost of HVAC repairs to an existing system will continue to rise. Often a new, more efficient system is more cost-effective than continuing to dump money into an old cooling unit.

Although older air conditioners may experience small HVAC repairs here and there, the wear and tear of added stress over time will catch up with your unit’s performance.

Douglas Cooling & Heating is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, which means we do whatever it takes to make our customers happy and keep them comfortable in their homes.

We stock and install only the best Bryant products on the market! All our technicians are licensed and experienced to service your new unit, without voiding any new warranties. We offer free estimates for new units, as well as financing options to fit any budget!

Call for HVAC Repair – Cooling System Won’t Start

If you notice your air conditioning unit isn’t starting up, the problem might be an electrical issue or something wrong with the unit itself. Poking around inside your cooling system is not advised. This can lead to serious injury to yourself and damage to your home.

Before another heat wave hits, call Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule an HVAC repair. Our technicians will find the problem, and they will discuss your options to correct the problem.

Call for HVAC Repair – Unexplained High Energy Bill

During the summer, you will notice if your energy bill matches with how much you are running your cooling system. If you aren’t running your AC often, and your energy bill continues to rise, something is wrong.

When the unit isn’t kept clean and maintained, problems occur. Normal wear and tear on a unit cause performance issues and decrease its efficiency. A preventative maintenance plan helps catch signs of unnecessary stress on your unit.

You might have issues with airflow, frozen coils or a number of other factors. The best way to diagnose what’s causing your high energy bill is to schedule an HVAC repair with Douglas Cooling & Heating.

We will inspect both the indoor unit and outdoor unit to find the problem, so you can relax in cool temperatures before the summer ends.

Call for HVAC Repair – Unit Keeps Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when an air conditioning unit turns on and off every few minutes. This problem can be the result of an electrical issue or a damaged compressor. Either of these issues needs to be addressed by a heating and cooling expert immediately.

Short cycling can shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner and cause your unit to overheat unexpectedly. An HVAC repair technician will give you options for correcting the problem. If the compressor has failed, our NATE-certified experts will suggest the best option for upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit.

Douglas Cooling & Heating – HVAC Repair Experts

Don’t wait until it’s too late, and your air conditioning unit has called it quits. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule an HVAC repair now. We will diagnose the problem, and present affordable options to get your cooling system up and running quickly.

If your unit is too far gone, we will suggest upgrade options to fit your budget. Concerned about expenses? Don’t be – we offer financing options. At Douglas Cooling & Heating, we care about your safety and comfort.

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