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Leave Air Conditioning Running for Pets?

Weigh the Pros and Cons

Keeping your pets cool and comfortable during the summer months is a high priority for pet owners in Alabama. You can still keep your furry friends cool without leaving your air conditioning running 24/7. You can raise the temperature a few degrees and still keep your pets comfortable in your home.

Learn the pros and cons of cooling your pets by keeping your air conditioning running and discover other ways to keep them comfy while indoors.

Show Your Pets Some Love

Keeping your pets comfortable during the day when the temperature is at its hottest takes more than just your air conditioning running. By only running your cooling system, you run the risk of higher energy bills and more wear and tear on the components inside the unit.

The added stress on your air conditioner will reduce its life expectancy, forcing you to buy a new unit sooner.

Your air conditioner can take a break in the mornings and evenings when the heat is lower outside. This allows your home to stay cool during peak hours by keeping your air conditioning running for a shorter amount of time.

However, in intense heat, some pets can experience heatstroke. Keep your air conditioning running to avoid health risks to your pets instead of turning your unit off when you aren’t home.

You will still experience energy consumption by leaving your air conditioning running at different times, and when it’s set at a higher temperature, the cooling system can take a break when needed and not risk overheating.

Try These Tips to Beat the Heat

So, adjust your thermostat a few degrees and limit the amount of time your air conditioner operates. Here are additional ways to keep your adorable pets cool during the summer heat waves:

  • Keep the Air Flowing: Ceiling fans and portable fans are an easy way to keep your pets cool. They don’t generate cold air, instead, they move air-conditioned air throughout a room, causing a wind-chill effect.

    Your pets will enjoy the gentle breezes while the fans are operating and your air conditioner won’t need to work harder to maintain pre-set temperature settings.
  • Provide Shade: When the sun beats directly into your house, it causes the temperature indoors to rise. Warmer temperatures signal your thermostat to cool your home by keeping your air conditioning running longer.

    Pull the blinds down on your windows or close curtains to block the direct sunlight. This keeps temperatures cool and allows your pets to relax comfortably.

    Plus, this tip allows your air conditioner to rest, reducing the amount of energy used during the day.

  • Don’t Leave Them Parched: Just like humans, your pets need water to stay hydrated and cool off. Make sure your pets enjoy plenty of cool, fresh water throughout the day and leave more when you’re gone.
  • Cool Treats: If the temperature outside is especially hot, try cooling your pet off from the inside out. You can make or buy cool treats to allow your pet to cool off.
  • Reduce Exercise: If you own a dog and walk it regularly, try to limit the amount of exercise it gets during the hottest hours of the day. Take early morning walks or evening walks when the sun is going down. This will prevent your pet from overheating and experiencing heatstroke.

Constant Air Conditioning Running is Unnecessary

Find a temperature setting you can deal with and use fans and shading to assist with cooling your pets when the heat is high. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating for help when your air conditioner is malfunctioning. We perform routine maintenance and HVAC repairs to keep you, your family, and your pets healthy and comfy.

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