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Will My Heat Pump Last Through the Summer?

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Heat pumps provide controlled temperatures year-round, which means they work without taking a break. Air conditioners take breaks between seasons, giving you plenty of time to service them before they are needed again.

Working year-round means your heat pump needs more attention than the average air conditioner to keep it operating smoothly and efficiently when the seasons change. Use these heat pump tips to keep you and your family cool this summer!

Tip #1: Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

The best way to ensure your heat pump performs smoothly this summer is by scheduling maintenance with a licensed HVAC professional. Routine service keeps your unit clean, including the components and ductwork. Scheduling maintenance before the summer heat and humidity hit provides several benefits to you and your wallet.

Neglected heat pumps experience more wear and tear during the year, resulting in more malfunctions and breakdowns. You can save yourself a headache and money by catching problems early with preventative maintenance. HVAC repair costs are kept low when issues, especially damaged components, are diagnosed before summer arrives.

Saving energy is another benefit of heat pump maintenance. A serviced and clean unit will perform optimally and more efficiently, using less energy to cool your home. You will notice the effect on your energy bill every month when you regularly service your heat pump. Dust, dirt, grime and other debris are kept to a minimum in your heat pump, allowing cool air to circulate throughout your home unobstructed.

Tip #2: Inspect the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit for your heat pump can suffer from the sun beating down on it, especially during the peak hours of the day. Debris from storms such as leaves, limbs and twigs can clog your outdoor unit, forcing it to work harder to keep your home cool indoors. Overgrown vegetation and grass clippings also have the tendency to obstruct airflow, so keep these contained. Other problems with your outdoor unit can decrease your heat pump’s efficiency, leading to an inconvenient breakdown. The fan motor can fail or be damaged, causing the outdoor unit to overheat on a hot day. Refrigerant leaks or dirty coils can keep heat from properly transferring between the indoor and outdoor unit.

These are more serious issues so if you suspect damage, call Douglas Cooling & Heating for service on your heat pump now before it turns into an expensive breakdown during the Alabama heat waves.

Tip #3: Replace Your Heat Pump Filters

Dirty or clogged filters are a common cause of major and minor malfunctions in heat pumps. Heat pumps require a higher volume of airflow to effectively cool your home. When an air filter is dirty, the air volume flowing throughout the ducts is reduced and decreases a heat pump’s efficiency.

Check your heat pump filter monthly and replace it if you notice excess dirt, which compromises your heat pump’s performance and reduces your indoor air quality. If you schedule routine maintenance with Douglas Cooling & Heating, our NATE-certified technicians will inspect and change your filter during the call. We understand the importance of clean filters and healthy airflow in your home. After all, filters affect your cooling units efficiency and your family’s health.

Tip #4: Check Your Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat is the communication center for your heat pump and the desired temperature in your home. Older dial thermostats often give inaccurate readings, resulting in uneven temperatures from room-to-room. With new advanced programmable thermostats, you can preset temperature schedules when you are home, away and asleep, saving you money every month on your energy bill. Even while on vacation this summer you can keep your heat pump operating efficiently by adjusting the temperature higher and not requiring your heat pump to run as often.

Ensure your heat pump is operating efficiently this summer by giving it the care and attention it needs. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule maintenance now to prevent unexpected breakdowns in the middle of Birmingham’s hottest temperatures. We offer quality heat pump, air conditioner and ductless unit service backed by exceptional customer satisfaction for every job!

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