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Two Surefire Ways to Destroy Your Air Conditioner

ACCynical and sarcastic blog posts are all the rage these days, it seems. Swift and Voltaire would no doubt be delighted. In the interest of breaking up the monotony today, we decided to get in on the fun. If you have some sort of deep-seated hatred for your air conditioner, perhaps due to an ancient blood feud or other equally bizarre situation, we have the perfect blog post for you. The following are two of the best ways to destroy your air conditioner utterly, wiping even the memory of it from the face of the earth.

Don’t Schedule Maintenance

Air conditioners have to deal with a lot of stress during the summer season, which makes it more likely for old problems to be made worse or for new problems to arise. Whether old or new, you are unlikely to notice that your air conditioner is experiencing problems at all before quite a bit of damage has been done. This is because air conditioning problems don’t present symptoms until they’re pretty far along in development, which means you’re already behind the times by the time you notice them. The best way to mitigate air conditioning problems of all kinds is to schedule preventive maintenance for your air conditioner every year.

But, because we’re trying to tell you the opposite of what we normally would tell you, we’re going to say you definitely shouldn’t schedule preventive maintenance. Nope. Kind of like how you’ll never run out of money if you just don’t check your bank account, you’ll never have to worry about your air conditioner having problems if you don’t schedule maintenance. Even if the system dies on you, though, isn’t that what you wanted?

Don’t Call for Repairs

Even if you feel some sort of compassion or pity for your air conditioner and end up scheduling maintenance for it, there’s still a chance that a problem can occur in the system. Normally, we’d recommend being on guard between maintenance appointments for signs of a problem. Things like odd noises, drops in output, unexplained spikes in monthly operating costs, weird electromagnetic readings, voices from some ghostly other universe, and the like should all be checked out by a professional technician. Or maybe an exorcist. But, we’re telling you the best way to destroy your air conditioner in this post so forget responding to any of that nonsense! Just let your air conditioner slowly spiral down the river of universal entropy, growing more and more dysfunctional until it finally implodes on itself with a ghastly wheeze. Only then can you rest, secure in the knowledge that you’ve finally shown your air conditioner who’s boss.

Don’t actually follow any of the above advice, though. Please make sure to schedule preventive maintenance and call for repairs when necessary if you want to keep your air conditioner healthy.

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