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Why You Should Install A Whole-House Generator

We all know what its like to lose power: it’s disruptive and inconvenient. Here in Alabama, we experience frequent power outages, especially during tornado season. Keeping the lights on during a storm is an important safety precaution to consider. Instead of worrying about what you are going to do the next time the power goes out, consider installing a new whole-house generator.

Douglas Cooling, Heating, & Electric installs and repairs whole-house generators for your convenience. A major power outage could last for several hours, or even days, which could leave you very uncomfortable. Installing a whole-house generator is the perfect solution for homeowners who experience frequent power outages.

In case you need more convincing, we have provided more information about whole-house generators below.

What is a Whole-House Generator?

A whole-house generator is installed outside the home and is permanently wired into the home’s power system. Unlike portable generators, a whole-house generator does not rely on gasoline to provide power. Instead, the generator has its own natural gas line running into it.

When the generator detects a power outage, it automatically begins to supply power to the home. When the power comes back on, the generator shuts itself off, so you won’t have to remember to do so.

Advantages of a Whole-House Generator

Many of you might be wondering why you can’t just use a portable generator, and the answer to that is simple: they are not as effective. Here’s why you should invest in a whole-house generator instead:

  • They can provide more than enough power to keep the entire house running. A portable generator only provides enough energy to keep the lights and maybe some other small appliances on, which would force you to choose what’s most important to keep running. When you invest in a whole-house generator, you can be sure that every appliance in your home, including your heating and air conditioning system, water heater, and refrigerator continue to run.
  • Whole-house generators turn on and off automatically, so you do not have to be present for your home to maintain power during a power outage.
  • They will continue to run as long as they’re needed. Unlike a portable generator that relies on gasoline, a whole-house generator is powered by natural gas, so there is no need to refuel.

Should you decide to invest in a whole-house generator, consider Douglas Cooling, Heating, & Electrical for your installation services. You are going to need an experienced electrician in Pelham, AL to ensure that your new generator is properly sized for your home. Our technicians can accurately size and install your generator in about 1-2 days, so you’ll be up and running in no time! If you experience any problems with the generator, we offer repair services, too!

Don’t spend any more time worrying about the next bad storm. Power outages don’t have to affect you when you invest in a new whole-house generator.

For more information about whole-house generators, or to learn more about our other services, contact Douglas Cooling, Heating, & Electrical. Your experience is what matters most.



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