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Why Your Water Heater Might be Having Trouble Providing Hot Water

Water heater output can be low for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s simply because you put too much demand on it for too long a period of time. Sometimes, though, it’s actually because of a problem with the system. If you’re water heater is struggling to provide enough hot water, and you’re not sure why, read on to find out.

Dip Tube Issues

The dip tube is a PVC tube that sits in the water heater storage tank. Cold water from the water line flows down through the tube, and is let out at the bottom of the storage tank. This allows the system to separate the cold water entering the system from the hot water leaving the system. However, since the dip tube is not all that durable compared to the rest of the system, it will wear down faster over time. The tube may eventually crack or break entirely, allowing cold water to leak into the warm water at the top of the tank. You may notice this issue in the form of sudden blasts of cold water intermixed with the hot water leaving the faucet.

Sediment Buildup

Sediment may build up on the bottom of the water heater tank over time, especially in homes with a hard water problem. If the sediment buildup is bad enough, it can actually insulate the water in the tank from the burner assembly. This can cause a sharp drop in your water heater output. The best thing to do in this case is to have a professional flush out your water heater storage tank.

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