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Electrical Panels

Birmingham, AL Electrical Panel Services

The electrical panel (also known as a breaker box, electrical box, breaker panel, circuit breaker panel and many other names) is important to the operation of your electrical system for a couple of major reasons. First, it divides the total electrical power coming into your home into individual circuits. Second, it protects your home from potential electrical fires and other electrical issues that could result from short circuits or overcurrent.

An electrical panel is a necessity in any home, but is yours really doing its job as well as it should? It may be time for an upgrade. Call us today to find out when to replace your breaker box or to schedule services with one of our electricians. We can upgrade your older fuse box, find out why your circuit breakers keep tripping, or install a new panel for a brand new home in the Birmingham area.

Call the friendly people at Douglas Cooling & Heating, serving Birmingham and the surrounding areas since 1972, for electrical panels and electrical panel services.

When to Replace the Circuit Breaker

The main reason to replace an electrical box is when it’s not a circuit breaker panel at all; it’s a fuse box. A fuse box is made up of individual fuses rather than circuit breakers. Like a circuit breaker panel, its job is to protect you and your electronics from short circuits or overloading, and it does its job well. The individual fuses contain metal strips which actually melt when there is an excess of current.

Because of this, you have to replace the fuses any time a problem such as this occurs. And this can become a hassle, especially if it seems to happen often. Replace your older fuse box so that you don’t have to deal with this hassle again. Or, upgrade your circuit breaker box when it seems to trip far too often.

If you have to reset your circuit breaker too much, there could be a problem. You might need a larger panel to handle all of the electronics we are accustomed to using at once in this day and age. Give us a call if you think it may be time for this kind of an upgrade.

Call Qualified Electricians

Any service involving the circuit breaker panel requires the help of qualified electricians. An electrical box can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. This is an important safety feature of any home, so call certified electricians when you suspect a problem or to schedule an upgrade or new installation.

The staff at Douglas Cooling & Heating includes master electricians with numerous Alabama power certifications. Our experienced professionals have been in the industry for many years, and we can help you to make major decisions about your electrical system. We are happy to help you to decide if it’s time for a new service panel, or if you should rewire your home. But we are just as glad to offer our routine maintenance services as well. We’ve been serving Birmingham, AL since 1972, so call us to speak with friendly local technicians who care.