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A Dirty Evaporator Coil is a Big Issue

evaporator-coilLet’s be honest, there are so many different things that could possibly go wrong with your air conditioning system. From loose parts to broken fan blades to a worn-out motor belt, there is more than one repair that can impact your AC system’s operation and mess with your comfort.

Even too much dirt can impact your air conditioner if it isn’t caught early enough. This is why we also encourage you to change your AC filter every few months, to avoid this problem. If your system is struggling with excessive dirty build-up on its internal workings, you should reach out to us for air conditioning repair in Birmingham, AL.

How Can My Evaporator Coil Get Dirty?

The internal parts of your air conditioner need to stay as clean as possible to operate well. This is especially true for your evaporator coil. If your coil collects too much dirt and debris it can hinder the transfer of heat into your system’s refrigerant.

So, while it might seem surprising that these internal parts tucked out of sight can get dirty, the truth is that they can and this is something you don’t want to let escalate.

What Problems a Dirty Evaporator Coil Creates

The popular colloquialisms about dirty not being too bad of a thing doesn’t apply to your air conditioner. A little dirt can hinder your system’s ability to absorb heat and create cool air. A lot of it will make this issue even worse. But, to be specific, let’s discuss some of the issues that a dirty evaporator coil can create.

  • Poor cooling: The first thing you should know about a dirty evaporator coil in your home is that even a small layer of dirt on the coil can hinder the cooling process. That build-up of debris can and will make it harder for heat to transfer from the air blowing across the coil into the refrigerant inside the coil.
  • A build-up of ice: If the layer of dirt of your coil gets thicker, it can do more than just hinder the cooling process. It can also start causing problems for the coil itself. A dirty coil may be at risk of collecting a layer of ice on it which can damage the coil and create additional repair needs.
  • Short cycling: Last but not least, a dirty coil that is having trouble with finishing its cooling cycle. It may cause the system to start to overheat, leading to a shortened cooling cycle, known as short cycling. This is harmful to your comfort, your coil, and your air conditioner overall.

When something starts to go wrong with your air conditioner, even if it is just a collection of dust and debris, you don’t want to ignore it. Scheduling AC repairs as early as possible is going to help you stay comfortable until the heating season and will keep your system working.

Your experience is what matters most! Reach out to Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule repairs that will keep your home comfortable.

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