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What Does a Central Air Replacement Cost in Birmingham?

When researching new central air replacement cost, most Birmingham, AL homeowners focus on sticker price and the cost of installation. While a new air conditioner or heat pump comes at a price, so does sticking with your old unit. How? An older air conditioning system costs you more in energy expenses as well as frequent repairs or breakdowns.

See how an upgrade to a new cooling system generates savings. Be sure to factor these in when you evaluate new central air replacement cost.

Efficiency & Central Air Replacement Cost

One of the biggest savings you gain from a new air conditioner or heat pump is improved efficiency. Older systems experience wear and tear over the years and lose efficiency. This is especially true if owners skipped regular maintenance.

The SEER rating on your current air conditioner or heat pump may not be the actual level it delivers. Also, in Birmingham, Alabama, we ask a lot of our air conditioning equipment. We use it a lot more and a lot longer than our northern neighbors. As a result, the average lifespan of a heat pump or air conditioner in our climate tends to be lower.

New air conditioners and heat pumps offer much higher energy efficiency levels than those manufactured even five to ten years ago. Energy-smart components such as variable-speed compressors draw less electricity as they maintain temperatures and dehumidify the home.

When you upgrade your air conditioner or heat pump to a unit with a higher SEER rating, less energy is used to cool your home. The result is lower energy bills!

Consider the savings generated through a cooling system upgrade when you weigh central air replacement cost versus staying with your existing AC unit. Calculate the difference in energy consumption to see just how much you stand to save with a new air conditioner or heat pump.

Breakdowns & Central Air Replacement Cost

Did you know HVAC systems experience more breakdowns in their last two years of service life? The older your air conditioner or heat pump gets, the more you call for service. Air conditioning repair bills add up, and you need to consider whether it is better to put this money toward new central air replacement cost.

New air conditioners, for example, come complete with a new warranty, which gives you valuable coverage if you need a system repair. Depending on the age of your existing system, warranty protection may not be available. Without warranty coverage, you are responsible for the costs of repairs needed to get your system up and running.

Lack of Maintenance Often Voids Warranties

Also, if you or the previous homeowner let preventive maintenance slide, it may have voided the warranty. Most homeowners are busy and it happens easily.

It’s one of the reasons Douglas Cooling & Heating offers multiple preventive service plans, called Priority Service Plans. Different levels are offered at different price points, but they all include routine inspections and service. Some plans include repair discounts and credits toward a new system if needed.

Most new air conditioners on the market include a 10-year limited warranty, which covers critical system components. Some models offer longer or shorter warranty terms.

Talk to our air conditioning replacement specialists about the warranties available on the efficient Bryant cooling systems we represent. We offer free estimates on new systems, so ask away!

Air conditioner and heat pump repairs drastically range in price, depending on the issue. Minor repairs may run a few hundred dollars, while more serious issues can cost over a thousand dollars to solve.

Plus, factor in service call costs for each breakdown you experience. Don’t forget the disruption to your schedule if you’re without air conditioning during our hot and humid Alabama summers.

Many people with certain health conditions depend on controlled humidity and cooling, so it’s often more than just comfort at stake.

New air conditioner warranty coverage helps protect your household from the mounting expenses associated with repairs for an aging cooling system.

For a Free Estimate on a Central Air Replacement Cost Call Douglas Cooling & Heating

Don’t let the sticker shock of central air replacement cost keep you from lower energy bills and better comfort this summer. Douglas Cooling & Heating offers skilled installation for high-quality cooling systems to improve indoor comfort in your Birmingham, AL home.

We also offer HVAC finance options to make air conditioning replacements easy on household budgets.

Contact us today for a free quote for central air replacement cost. We install new air conditioners and heat pumps all over the Birmingham area, including Bessemer, Hoover, Pelham, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Chelsea, Calera, Homewood and Helena.

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