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How to Choose the Right Garbage Disposal

Do you know how to choose a garbage disposal for your Birmingham, AL home? Many homeowners think all garbage disposals are basically the same. Did you know there are actually two different types available?

Learn about each equipment type and how to use them, then you’ll know how to choose a garbage disposal which best meets your needs.

The plumbing professionals at Douglas Cooling & Heating are available for a consultation on how to choose a garbage disposal to help you make a decision, as well as for garbage disposal repairs or replacements. For assistance or to schedule installation, contact us today!

How to Choose a Garbage Disposal: Types

Two types of garbage disposals are available for use in your Birmingham, AL area homes: continuous-feed and batch feed. Learn how each works as well as how to and how not to use them.

Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposals

Continuous-feed garbage disposals are the most common type used in residential kitchens. As the name suggests, users can feed waste down the disposal continuously, rather than only add smaller quantities at a time. As long as the switch is on, it grinds waste.

With a continuous-feed garbage disposal, you are able to continuously add waste as you move along in meal prep or cleanup. Leave the switch on to grind waste as you go or only turn it on when needed.

Run cold water when the garbage disposal does. If you leave it on continuously, there is a potential for more water and electricity waste.

Because continuous-feed garbage disposals are more popular, they are typically cheaper than batch feed models and there’s plenty of selection.

The main drawback of continuous-feed garbage disposals is safety. The motor runs until the switch is turned off, which raises the potential for accidents. If someone sticks their hand down the drain as the disposal runs, serious injuries are likely. Also, if other non-food items such as silverware slip down the drain, your disposal may suffer damage.

Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

Batch feed garbage disposals are not operated by a switch. They are activated once the sink stopper is put in place. To use, put your food items down the drain, then place the drain cover over the opening to initiate grinding.

The main benefits of batch feed garbage disposals are safety and conservation. With a batch feed model, the potential for accidents is nearly nonexistent, making them a great choice for homes with children. Also, the machine and water do not continuously run, which conserves electricity and water.

Because batch feed garbage disposals aren’t as popular as continuous-feed models, they are usually more expensive. There is also less of a selection when it comes to different models to choose.

How to Choose a Garbage Disposal: Other Factors

Whether you choose a continuous-feed or batch feed garbage disposal, there are factors related to the models themselves important in your decision. These include:

Garbage Disposal Motor Size

Garbage disposal motor sizes are rated in horsepower. For most Birmingham homes, a ½ HP motor is sufficient. You may choose a slightly higher horsepower motor which delivers smoother operation and creates fewer jams. This is a good option for families who get a lot of use from their garbage disposal.

Other Features

An auto-reverse is a great feature to have on a garbage disposal. It protects against jams when it automatically reverses motor rotation if waste becomes stuck in the chamber. This feature protects against breakdowns and damage.

Garbage disposals are inherently noisy, but some models offer quieter operation than others. A model with insulation around the grinding chamber offers lower noise output to minimize disruptions when in use.

Need Help to Choose a Garbage Disposal? Plumbers from Douglas Cooling & Heating are Here

In conclusion, there are two main choices for garbage disposals. One is known as batch feed. which is safer and usually more expensive. The other is continuous feed, which is more common, more affordable and operates differently.

Once you choose a garbage disposal type for your Birmingham, AL home, call Douglas Cooling & Heating for quality installation. We offer efficient equipment and reliable installation and repair service for all your plumbing needs.

Our licensed plumbers assist homeowners in communities throughout Birmingham, including Vestavia Hills, Helena, Pelham, Chelsea and Mountain Brook. You’ll also find our team in Hoover, Bessemer and Homewood. Need a plumber? We’re here for you!

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