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How Can I Protect My AC Compressor?

The AC compressor is an important component of your Birmingham, AL home’s air conditioning system. With the right protection and care, your AC compressor runs at its best all summer long. Learn more about the AC compressor’s function and what you need to do to keep it safe from the elements.

Quick Review: What Does An AC Compressor Do?

Your AC compressor is located within the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. It circulates refrigerant throughout the system for heat exchange. It also applies energy to the system’s refrigerant.

The AC compressor is powered by a motor. It compresses refrigerant gas to raise its temperature and pressure to move it through the refrigerant lines. As refrigerant passes through the system, it absorbs heat in its gaseous form. As heat’s released, it turns it back to liquid.

Protect Your AC Compressor

Your cooling system’s compressor undergoes a lot of stress during air conditioning season. Because it is housed outdoors, the elements affect its performance, too. Without proper care, this stress hurts the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Protect your AC compressor to improve performance and energy efficiency when you take these steps each year:

Preventive Maintenance for Your AC Compressor

Book a preventive maintenance tune up with Douglas Cooling & Heating’ NATE-certified air conditioning technicians each year. Your tune up ensures all vital components are clean and functional for efficient performance each summer.

Click Here to Schedule Preventive Maintenance 

Clean Air Conditioner Coils

The coils within your air conditioner allow the heat exchange between indoor and outdoor air. They collect dirt, dust and other debris over the course of normal operation. This compromises the heat exchange process. Your air conditioner, therefore, does not operate at peak efficiency.

Dirty air conditioner coils cause your AC compressor to work harder to facilitate heat exchange, which places the compressor under excessive stress. Have your air conditioner coils professionally cleaned and protect your AC compressor.

Let Your AC Compressor Breathe

Your AC compressor requires proper ventilation to cool down between air conditioning cycles. If it isn’t allowed to cool down, the compressor overheats and turns off. Frequent overheating causes failure, which requires replacement.

Keep your outdoor unit clear of debris to allow airflow through to the AC compressor.

  • Clean off grass clippings, leaves and other yard debris on the outside of the AC unit.
  • Clear away vegetation growing around the AC unit.
  • Do not store outdoor furniture or items near the AC unit.
  • Keep at least two feet of clearance surrounding your outdoor AC unit for proper ventilation and access.
  • Change your air filter regularly to maintain proper airflow through your cooling system.

Help Your AC Compressor Cool Down

In addition to proper ventilation, protective shade helps your AC compressor cool down between cooling cycles. Shade your exterior air conditioning unit from direct sunlight to prevent compressor overheating.

Careful planting of large shade trees and pruning of those already in your yard keep your unit out of the sun’s direct rays. Deciduous trees become leafy in the spring and shield it from the hot summer sun. In the fall when the trees lose their leaves, the unit is exposed to sunlight. Because the temperature is lower, the heat is less of a problem.

Be mindful of fallen leaves, however. Don’t let them crowd your AC unit or let wet leaves clog the internal components. Also, take care of dead or dying trees before a limb falls and damages your AC unit.

Think A Fan Blade is Bent? Strange Noises or Yard Waste in the Fan? Call Douglas Cooling & Heating for AC Services

Take care of your AC compressor and it remains in good shape to serve your family for many cooling seasons in the Birmingham heat. Make preventive maintenance easy with a Priority Service Plan – we have several options.

Douglas Cooling & Heating provides the care your AC compressor and other cooling system components need to maintain performance and efficiency.

You’ll find Douglas serving customers in Birmingham and surrounding areas including Mountain Brook, Pelham, Vestavia Hills, Homewood, Hoover, Calera, Chelsea, Helena and Bessemer. Contact us today to learn more!

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