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Having AC Trouble? Contact Our Team

air-conditionerWith summer fast approaching, you want to be sure that your air conditioner is equipped to take on the heat. Of course, this means that you should be taking care of any troubles that pop up. But, what happens if you aren’t quite sure if what you’re experiencing is a sign of trouble? What do you do?

You keep reading this blog, of course!

Below, we have listed some of the most common signs of an air conditioner in disrepair. If you notice any of the following, remember, it is important to schedule your air conditioning services in Birmingham, AL right away! So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out more!

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repairs?

There are plenty of signs that suggest it’s time to schedule your air conditioning repairs, including:

Low Airflow

Low airflow is a sign that your air conditioner is in trouble. Low airflow often indicates that there is cold air trapped somewhere in the system, which is quite problematic. Trapped air can cause coils to freeze over, forcing the system to work much harder than it normally would. This, in turn, puts a lot of wear and tear on the system and causes bills to sky-rocket!

Low Cooling Power

If your air conditioner is no longer able to keep your home cool and comfortable, it is definitely time to call a professional for repairs. Low cooling power can be the result of a variety of things, including a refrigerant leak. If this is the case, you want the issue resolved as quickly as possible to avoid a total system breakdown.

Strange Noises

Your air conditioner is not inherently noisy. In fact, the only sound you should hear coming from the system is the sound of air gently whooshing through the vents. Therefore, sounds that resemble screeches, humming, rattling, or banging are definitely a cause for concern. Fortunately, a trained technician will be able to pinpoint the source of the noise.

Short Cycling

Short cycling describes when your air conditioner repeatedly turns on and off without ever completing a full cooling cycle. Not only is short cycling extremely inefficient, but it also places a ton of strain on the system. So, if your system is turning on and off every few minutes, it is definitely time to pick up the phone and call in a pro.

High Energy Bills

We recommend keeping a close eye on your energy bills, for if you find yourself paying more and more to keep your home cool, it is quite likely that you’ve got an issue on your hands. High bills are a sign that your system is inefficient, almost always due to some underlying repair need. Therefore, it is important to contact a professional if your bills are higher than normal. Why pay more than you should have to?

The Importance of Professional Repair

We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a professional to handle all of your repairs. Only a certified HVAC technician has the knowledge, training, tools, and experience necessary to handle the complex needs of your system. Please, do not trust an amateur to service your system, as an attempt to save money can end up costing you much more in the long run.

To schedule your air conditioning repairs, contact Douglas Cooling & Heating. Your experience is what matters most! 

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