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Common Plumbing Problems in Birmingham

Common plumbing problems weigh on every homeowner’s mind. When should you deal with plumbing yourself? Is it time to call a plumber? The professionals at Douglas Cooling & Heating, located in Birmingham, Alabama, are here to help. Tell the difference between at-home fixes and common plumbing problems requiring a professional with our help.

Common Plumbing Problems Which Require a Professional

Professional help with plumbing is needed more often than you think. A number of common plumbing problems must be fixed with the expertise of a plumber. These are a few issues to seek help from a plumber to fix.

Clogged drains

Everyone gets a clog now and again. If all your at-home methods—plungers, chemical cleaners or drain snakes—don’t fix the clog, call a professional. Additionally, if you experience clogs on a regular basis, the problem most likely stems from a complete clog far down in your drain. At-home methods can’t fix these clogs.

Leaky pipes

Similarly to clogged drains, leaky pipes are temporarily fixed with at-home remedies; however, these fixes need a professional to be correctly treated. Your leaky pipe seems like an easy fix, but it points to larger issues.

Use leak tape before your plumber visits to keep leakage contained. Then, call a professional. They fix the underlying problem instead of the surface-level issue.

Low water pressure

Though it’s one of the most common plumbing problems, many believe this issue doesn’t need attention. Quite the contrary! Most of the time, low water pressure stems from build-up of minerals on faucets and shower heads.

If a quick clean of faucets doesn’t remedy your water pressure, get in touch with a plumber. A deeper issue, like a pipe leak or breach, could be the culprit. In that case, call a plumber to assess the problem.


Even for DIY masters, plumbing installation requires professional help. Attempt to install plumbing on your own and face potential hazards later on. Professionals are trained to install plumbing, so call them when you want a new set of pipes, sink or tub.

Septic tank leaks

Finally, septic tank leaks need professional assistance. No one wants to tread through septic tanks, especially if you don’t know how to fix the problem. You need a professional for any septic tank problems you have.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

The best strategy to avoid emergency plumbing repairs employs regular visits from a professional. Here are some benefits to regular plumbing maintenance.

  • Always clean- First, your faucets and pipes benefit from regular cleaning. You clean your pipes externally, but plumbers go deeper. All parts, inside and out, must be cleaned for the best performance.


  • Proactive not reactive- Maintenance allows your plumber to come across small problems before they become big ones. Common plumbing problems are solved quickly, but large issues take time—and rack up expenses.

    Get professional help to alleviate the need for emergency calls to your plumber. Even a small water leak can create big, expensive problems so it’s best to get those check-ups!


  • Ensured safety- Last, plumbers check potentially dangerous problems during annual checks. For example, water heaters need to be checked for problems because any damage leads to gas leaks, fires and possibly explosions.

    While these are extreme examples, they are possible and should be taken seriously. Regular maintenance ensures your water heater runs smoothly.

Call Douglas to Solve Common Plumbing Problems for You

At the end of the day, professional help from plumbers guarantees your water flows as it should. While at-home fixes temporarily fix your common plumbing problems, they do not treat underlying issues.

This is why you must call an expert. Luckily, Douglas Cooling & Heating is here to help the residents of Birmingham, Alabama. For professional, reliable service, call us today and schedule a maintenance visit.

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