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The Benefits of Springtime Heating and Cooling Service in Birmingham

Did you know right now is the best time of year to schedule heating and cooling service?

It’s true — to confirm it’s still in great shape for the long summer ahead, it’s a great idea to schedule an HVAC system tune-up for the spring. Below, we outline the many benefits of scheduling a routine springtime heating and cooling service appointment and inspection.

What Does Springtime Heating and Cooling Service Involve?

To verify everything is operating properly, a professional heating and cooling service call should include:

  • Check and test refrigerant levels for undetected leaks.
  • Ensure the condensate drain is clog-free and drains properly.
  • Measure airflow through the evaporator and cleaning coils.
  • Replace the air filter, check the blower and inspect the ductwork.
  • Test thermostat settings and sensors for proper operation.
  • Check electrical components for loose connections or corrosion.

Why Schedule Springtime Heating and Cooling Service?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends spring as the best time of the year for heating and cooling service. It ensures your home’s comfort in the heat of summer. Other advantages of getting a HVAC tune-up before summertime include:

Detect Potential Problems Early

If you already turned on your air conditioner for the spring and feel like it isn’t cooling the house off yet, you may have a problem with your unit. When your HVAC unit runs as it should, you feel cool air when your thermostat is set to cool almost immediately.

As part of a routine HVAC checkup, a technician tests your system for proper operation and, if needed, repairs the issue.

Maintain and Improve Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

Wait much longer and your HVAC unit is only going to continue to get dirtier — and much less efficient. Your heating and cooling service appointment ensures your coils are dirt and debris-free.

This way, your fan doesn’t work any harder than it needs to. This appointment also recalibrates the thermostat to prevent short cycling. Short cycling is when your unit turns on and off at the wrong time. This reduces your home’s comfort levels and puts more stress on your HVAC system.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Air duct cleaning removes much of the dirt and debris that lodge in your home’s ductwork during the winter. These particles have the potential to recirculate up to five to seven times a day when your air conditioner kicks into high gear this summer.

Avoid unnecessary airborne debris and an uptick in respiratory illness with spring maintenance.

Beat the Summer Rush

It is more convenient to have your unit serviced before the summer rush. Once the temperature rises, demand for heating and cooling services increases in Birmingham. Schedule a maintenance appointment in the spring to ensure your house is ready for hot and humid Alabama summers.

Call Douglas Cooling & Heating for Springtime Heating and Cooling Service

Conclusion: Schedule a springtime HVAC system tune-up now so you won’t have to wait for service during the hectic summer season. With Douglas Cooling & Heating, it’s easy and affordable to make sure your equipment runs at peak performance all summer long. Regular service helps your heating and air system more efficiently, which saves money. Energy bills will be lower and you’ll need fewer repairs. 

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of springtime heating and cooling service or to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in Vestavia Hills, Helena, Pelham, Chelsea, Mountain Brook and Calera. You’ll also find us in Hoover, Homewood and Bessemer. Need a plumber? We’ve recently added plumbing services to provide more assistance to homeowners in Alabama. 

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