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Help! Will a Dehumidifier Help My Air Conditioner?

My House Feels Like a Swamp! How Do I Reduce This Humidity?

Alabama is known for southern hospitality and extreme humidity. Humidity doesn’t just affect you outside – it can seep into your home through your cooling system, leaks in your ductwork, and gaps throughout the structure.

The discomfort isn’t the only side effect of extreme moisture levels in your home. High humidity levels create complications for your health, especially those with respiratory illnesses or allergies and reduce the overall indoor air quality in your household.

If you are tired of battling the rainforest-like humidity, consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier. A dehumidifier working alongside your cooling unit offers many benefits besides humidity management. Douglas Cooling & Heating sells and installs a variety of whole-home dehumidifiers from which to choose.

The Effects of High Humidity

A moist environment is a prime breeding ground for microscopic organisms to grow and thrive, such as mold. Mold, mildew, and dust mites run amuck in humid atmospheres, which in turn increases the chance of mold spores and dust mites spreading throughout your home. The spores can travel through the air vents in your ductwork and infest your HVAC system. Excessive humidity further increases the chances of illness in your home by compromising your indoor air quality.

Extreme humidity will even damage your home if it’s not kept under control. You may notice paint peeling from the walls, wet spots forming on the walls and ceiling, and the foundation growing weaker because of too much humidity. Furnishings and doors will bend and swell when moisture is too high in a home, including wood floors and wooden furniture.

Perks of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier with your current HVAC system works to maintain ideal humidity levels in your home twenty-four hours a day. A dehumidifier offers more advantages to you and your home than just humidity control, such as:

  • Fewer Allergens: There are a variety of allergens waiting to trigger an individual’s allergies or their symptoms. Dust mites, mold, and mildew are the most common allergens in your home. They thrive in moist environments, which means rooms with poor ventilation will yield higher allergens. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements are the most common areas.
  • Pest Control: Moist environments also draw in nasty pests, such as roaches and spiders. A dehumidifier will help keep moisture out of your home and reduce the amount of creepy crawly things invading your home.
  • Increased Comfort: Ideal humidity levels keep you, your family and guests comfortable regardless of the weather outside. You will enjoy lounging in your home while sipping a sweet tea as the humidity levels continue to rise outside with the temperature. A dehumidifier helps the air in your home feel cooler, so you can sit back and enjoy yourself and your company.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Surprised?It’s true! A dehumidifier helps your cooling system work more efficiently day-after-day. By removing excess moisture from the air, your air conditioner isn’t required to work harder to maintain ideal temperatures in your home. You save energy when your air conditioner works a reasonable amount, and your cooling system experiences less wear and tear.

Take back your home from the extreme humidity in Birmingham and throughout Alabama! Invest in a quality whole-home dehumidifier to control the moisture inside your house. If expenses are a concern – ask us about financing options. We care about your health and safety, as well as your comfort.

Call Douglas Cooling & Heating to learn more about our dehumidifiers and choose the right one for your family and your budget.

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