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Efficient Air Conditioning for the Win!

Summer is a busy couple of months for residents in Alabama. There are events full of music, like Rock the South in Cullman, the Hank Williams Festival in Georgiana, and the Alexander City Jazz Fest. Don’t forget the festivals surrounding delicious fruit, such as the Chilton County Peach Festival in Clanton and the Blueberry Festival in Brewton.

With all the outdoor community events, coming home to a cool home makes for a relaxing end to the hectic activities. Boost your home’s cooling and take advantage of these efficient air conditioning tips from Douglas Cooling & Heating. We want you to enjoy all Alabama has to offer this June without struggling to stay cool at home.

Visiting Alabama Festivals? Come Home to Cooling Comfort

Enjoying all the community festivities can be exhausting, which is why it’s so important to come home to a cool environment. The summer heat and humidity can add stress to your cooling system when it tries to combat the rising temperatures. Luckily, you can take preventative steps to strengthen your HVAC system with these efficient air conditioning tips:

Feel the breeze with ceiling fans:

Embrace your ceiling fans this summer by running them counterclockwise. Ceiling fans push the cool air from your air conditioner down towards the floor, creating a cool breeze to float across the room. The cool air evaporates the perspiration, creating a wind chill effect leaving you cooler without touching the thermostat.

You can experience increased efficient air conditioning by raising the thermostat a few degrees and not notice the difference in temperature. The result saves you money while still relaxing comfortably in your home.

Improve the airflow of your exterior unit:

During the summer months, storms deliver strong winds and rain, which can hinder your exterior unit’s ability to cool your home adequately. Branches, twigs, leaves and other debris get blown around the outdoor component, which interferes with the airflow. Restricted airflow doesn’t allow the air compressor to cool down when it’s operating, forcing it to work harder and overheat.

The air compressor will eventually fail, resulting in an expensive HVAC repair and the other components in the outdoor unit experience excessive wear and tear when forced to work harder to compensate. More energy is used to maintain ideal temperatures in your home when the airflow is compromised. Keep your exterior unit clear of debris to create efficient air conditioning and to avoid expensive HVAC repairs in the future.

Eliminate allergens and prevent airflow restrictions:

The air filter in your cooling system needs to be checked every month and replaced every two to three months. As your air conditioner operates, it pulls in dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens clogging your filter if it isn’t changed regularly. Dirty or clogged filters not only stop filtering contaminants in your home’s air but it also restricts the airflow inside your unit. Just like with the outdoor unit, restricted airflow forces the air conditioner to work harder, expending more energy than necessary to cool your home. Check your filter and regularly replace it to keep your indoor air healthy and create more efficient air conditioning in your home.

Prevent energy loss in your ductwork:

The ductwork in your home experiences a high volume of air and pressure during the year. Schedule duct sealing to catch holes or gaps in your ductwork to prevent energy loss during the summer. The cool air escaping through damaged sections of your ductwork creates uneven temperatures throughout your home, which triggers your air conditioner to operate more often. Douglas Cooling & Heating offers professional duct sealing to reduce energy loss and improve efficient air conditioning during the hottest times of the year.  

Schedule HVAC maintenance twice a year:

You shouldn’t go on vacation without having your car serviced beforehand, and the same is true of your cooling system. Your air conditioner needs maintenance before the heat and humidity arrive. Schedule HVAC maintenance twice a year to keep your unit and its components clear of dust, grime and other debris. During service, the electrical parts and wiring are inspected, and potential problems are diagnosed early. A healthy cooling system provides efficient air conditioning all summer long, extends its lifespan, and reduces the risk of emergency HVAC repairs.

Take advantage of efficient air conditioning this summer by using ceiling fans, changing the air filter and clearing away debris from the outdoor unit. These simple tasks drastically reduce your cooling system’s efficiency. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule routine maintenance or professional duct cleaning from our NATE-certified technicians.

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