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Electrical Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

outletElectrical issues are among those things that, while they may be rare, should be dealt with immediately whenever they come up. Electrical problems in your home can pose an immense risk to both your property and your personal safety through fire or electrocution. Having a professional electrician check out your electrical system for you at least once a year will help to keep serious issues from cropping up.

It’s not a guarantee, though. You still need to keep an eye out for signs that your electrical system is in trouble, just in case a problem occurs between appointments. There are a lot of different symptoms you can look for that can indicate a problem with your electrical system. Have a look at a few of those symptoms below.

Flickering Lights

No, despite what every horror movie ever says, flickering lights are not a sign that your house is haunted. They are a sign that you probably have a short circuit in your home somewhere, though. If one light is flickering, it might be a problem with the bulb or appliance. Try unplugging it and see if it does the same thing if you plug it into a different outlet. If you notice your lights flickering throughout the house, or even just more than one light flickering at once, you should have an electrician check out the system. Short circuits in the walls can spark house fires, so you should have it looked at sooner rather than later.

Circuit Breaker Won’t Reset or Keeps Resetting

Your circuit breaker is there to cut off the flow of electricity to part of the home if the circuit becomes overloaded. It’s a vital part of keeping your home’s electrical system safe, which makes it all the more important that you call for repairs if it seems like the panel isn’t working properly. If one or more of the circuits in the breaker panel won’t reset, or keep tripping after being reset, then it’s an indication that something isn’t right in the electrical system. Make sure that you call for electrical repair services if you notice this happening with your panel.

Hot Spots

When electricity flows in directions it’s not supposed to, it will give off excess energy as heat when it meets resistance. This heat can be felt in the walls and floor, if the wire throwing off electricity is located inside. You should never ignore apparently random hot spots you can feel in your walls or floor, especially if they’re located around light switches. That can indicate that there is a short circuit in that area, which should be fixed as quickly as possible. Remember, electrical problems are not just an inconvenience—they can be dangerous if you don’t get the right professionals on the job ASAP.

Douglas Cooling & Heating provides comprehensive electrical services. If you are looking for the best electrician in Birmingham, AL, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that your electrical system stays as safe as possible.  

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