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Lack of Furnace Maintenance Turns Homes Into Haunted Houses

Don’t get scared by bumps in the night when your furnace kicks on and off – schedule furnace maintenance. Keep your home a scare-free zone when you book preventative furnace maintenance early and know which sounds mean trouble. Douglas Cooling & Heating is standing by to assist you with all your heating and cooling needs, even spooky ones!

Furnace Maintenance “Scares off” Strange Noises

A typical furnace makes some noises but nothing which should scare you or your family members. Furnaces are designed to operate quietly and not draw attention to themselves. Most make a sound when they start and stop.

You may notice the sound of air as it moves through the vents or a gentle hum in the background. If, however, you notice new or jarring sounds from your furnace at any time, call Douglas Cooling & Heating immediately. Here are some examples:

Screech Noises

This sound typically is due to motor bearing problems. Our technicians apply lubricant to the motor during routine furnace maintenance, which stops the offending sound. However, a screech or high-pitched noise might indicate a problem with a belt. We will inspect your furnace and diagnose which problem is causing the sound.

Scrape Noises

You might notice this noise if something is wrong with the blower wheel. It will sound like metal parts rubbing together or a scratching noise, like nails on a chalkboard. If you hear this noise, call Douglas Cooling & Heating immediately!

There are a number of reasons why the blower wheel is making this sound and our technicians know exactly what to do for any circumstance.

Click Noises

Gas furnaces which turn on and off repeatedly emit a clicking sound. The issue could be a problem with the compressor or control panel. Schedule furnace maintenance to catch the problem early before the clicking noises start.

Grind Noise

A grinding sound indicates something is wrong with the motor. Worst-case scenario, the motor needs to be replaced. Our NATE-certified technicians recommend the best solution for your motor issues so you can enjoy warm temperatures without the deafening grinding noise.

Hum Noises

A motor on its last legs emits a humming noise. Don’t wait too long; otherwise, you will start to hear a grinding noise. Furnace maintenance in the fall catches humming noises early and prevents your furnace from a breakdown in the middle of winter.

Furnace Maintenance Prevention Is Key  

Whether your furnace is making noise due to something minor or major, you have the power to prevent the noise. Furnace maintenance with our licensed and knowledgeable HVAC technicians keeps your heating system operating smoothly throughout the fall and winter.

Preventative furnace maintenance allows our professionals to catch and diagnose problems early. This reduces the risk of expensive HVAC repairs in the future.

Stop scary noises before they escalate by scheduling furnace maintenance for your heating system. Catch problems now and save yourself money and stressful headaches before winter weather arrives. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating today to ensure your furnace is ready for the colder temperatures.

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