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Spring Energy Saving Tips for Your Home Heating and Cooling

Warmer weather is right around the corner and so is a higher energy bill if you aren’t careful. Your HVAC system switches from heating to cooling with the rising temperatures. If your unit isn’t ready for the switch, its performance and efficiency are reduced and cause your energy bill to skyrocket. The added stress on your heating and cooling system due to the fluctuating temperatures leads to malfunctions and breakdowns when you least expect them. Follow these five heating and cooling energy saving tips this spring to reduce your energy bill without sacrificing your indoor comfort.

Tip #1 – Preventative Maintenance Is Vital

The most important thing you can do for your heating and cooling system is to schedule maintenance before spring arrives. Dirt, dust and other debris will accumulate throughout your system and ductwork during the winter. Maintenance cleans your unit, eliminating excess dust and preventing clogs in your ductwork. When the airflow in your home is compromised due to a clog or other obstruction, your unit has to work harder to provide controlled temperatures throughout your home. Maintenance improves airflow, which increases your system’s efficiency and produces heating and cooling energy savings immediately.

Tip #2 – Change Your Air Filter

Check your air filter on a regular basis to reduce clogging in your system and ductwork. When a filter is dirty, airflow is restricted and there is a greater chance for dirt, dust and other debris to get caught inside your ductwork. Clogged ducts prevent warm and cool air from circulating around your house, which interferes with your thermostat obtaining accurate readings. Your heating and cooling unit will have to work harder to provide ideal temperatures throughout your home, increases the amount of energy used by your unit. Inspecting and changing out your filter before it becomes a problem will boost heating and cooling energy savings every month.

Tip #3 – Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

Clear away any leaves, branches, twigs and other debris from around your outdoor unit restricting airflow. If you notice a layer of dirt, pollen or dust on your coils, gently hose them off with water or call an HVAC technician to properly clean your outdoor unit for you.

Rodents and pests are another problem affecting outdoor units. During the winter, small animals seek shelter in dry, warm places, including inside your outdoor unit. If you notice scratches around or on your unit or signs of an infestation, contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to have your outdoor unit inspected and cleaned. Our professionals will check for chewed wiring or damage to other components inside your outdoor unit during an HVAC repair. Catching problems with your outdoor unit will cut back on expensive repairs in the future and increase your heating and cooling energy savings.

Tip #4 – Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Schedule an HVAC repair to have your air ducts, vents, and registers professionally cleaned before the start of spring. A thorough duct cleaning eliminates dirt and debris from accumulating and reducing the airflow in your system. During the service call, our NATE-certified technicians will check for air leaks throughout your ductwork and seal them if necessary. An inspection will also discover if any ductwork is damaged and will be replaced immediately. Damaged ducts and air leaks increase your energy usage without you realizing it. Most people forget about their ducts since they are hidden from view. Duct cleaning increases your heating and cooling energy savings by finding and sealing leaks and improving the airflow when air is circulated throughout your home.

Tip #5 – Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you have an older thermostat, now is the time to consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat before the change in seasons. The heating and cooling energy savings you will get with a new programmable thermostat are amazing. You can program settings to fit your schedule based on when you are home, away, asleep, and on vacation. A programmable thermostat prevents your HVAC system from kicking on repeatedly while you are at work or school, decreasing the wear and tear on your unit and reducing energy wasted during the day.

Take advantage of heating and cooling energy savings this spring by scheduling maintenance, replacing your air filter regularly, and inspecting your outdoor unit. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to have a professional clean your ducts or install a new programmable thermostat to boost savings further. Our NATE-certified technicians are standing by, ready to assist you with all your heating and cooling needs.

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