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How Do I Know if My Water Softener is Working?

If you’ve recently installed a water softener in your home, or even if you’ve had one of these systems for a while, you might be looking for signs that your investment is actually making a difference. You’ve spent all that money on installing a water softening system, and you want to know that your money isn’t being wasted. To know if your water softener is actually working, check for some of the signs below.

Signs That Your Water Softener is Working

No Water Spots

Hard water is notorious for leaving water spots on dishes and glasses. These spots can leave dishes looking dirty and might even require you to re-wash them. With the installation of a water softener, you shouldn’t see any hard water spots on your dishes. If you’re noticing these spots even after installing a water softener, the system might not be working, or it could be a sign that you need to add salt to the system.  

Strong Water Pressure

Hard water is full of mineral deposits. As more hard water passes through your pipes, mineral buildup can form. This will lower your home’s water pressure, as it creates a clog that prevents your water supply from flowing as it should. If your home has a water softener but you’re still noticing low water pressure, you may need to call on a plumbing professional to inspect your pipes to determine the issue. If the low water pressure issue is being caused by hard water, your home’s water softener isn’t working properly.

Healthy Skin and Hair

One of the main reasons homeowners choose to install water softeners is because of the benefits that they provide your skin and hair with. The minerals found in hard water can strip your skin of the natural moisture that it needs. These mineral deposits also can damage your hair. A water softening system eliminates the minerals that are causing your hair and skin to feel weak and brittle, allowing them to be stronger and healthier. If your skin feels itchy and your hair feels flat and greasy, your water softener might not be working as it should be.

Soft and Clean Clothes

Softened water interacts with laundry detergent to create soap suds that are able to impact and penetrate your clothes, leading to soft and clean laundry. Hard water, on the other hand, can leave mineral buildup behind on your clothes. This creates dingy and discolored looking laundry that can leave your clothes feeling and smelling dirty. Your home’s water softener should be leaving laundry behind that feels soft and clean.

What to Do If Your Water Softener Isn’t Functioning Properly

With a properly functioning water softener, you should be able to notice the benefits above, among others. If you’re not seeing any benefits from your water softener, though, get in contact with a professional to have the system inspected. Sometimes, the issue is as simple as a salt blockage or needing to add more salt to the brine tank. Other times, though, the issue might be more complex and requires a system replacement. For your specific situation, schedule an appointment with the professionals at Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating for Water Softener Installation Services

At Douglas Cooling & Heating, the quality of your water is of the utmost importance to us. Douglas Cooling & Heating has years of water softener installation and repair experience in Birmingham, AL, and beyond. If your water softener is not working properly, or you’d like your home to see the benefits provided by soft water, contact us today for plumbing services.

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