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How Do UV Air Cleaners Work?

Many homeowners are looking for ways to prevent airborne pathogens from spreading throughout their homes. A UV air cleaner could be the solution you’re looking for. Douglas Cooling & Heating explains what UV air cleaners are and how they work so you can improve your home’s indoor air quality and have confidence about the air you’re breathing in every day.

What is a UV Air Cleaner?

UV air cleaners and UV air purifiers refer to the same thing. They use ultraviolet light to sanitize particles in the air to cleanse it of contaminants that clog your HVAC system and circulate through your ductwork. You may see air purifiers that are able to sanitize the air in one particular room, but they cannot thoroughly cover your entire house. Douglas Cooling & Heating can install a whole-house UV air purifier that attaches to your home’s HVAC system. There is no exposure to UV lights.

How Does a UV Air Cleaner Work?

UV air cleaners are attached to your home’s furnace or HVAC system. They use special bulbs that emit UV-C light which is known for germicidal irradiation. Ultraviolet light exposure damages the DNA and RNA structure of microorganisms and pathogens so that reproduction cannot occur. If someone sneezes in your home and sends bacteria through the air, into your air ducts, and towards your furnace, that bacteria will be zapped by the UV light air purifier and will make the bacteria harmless. As a result, fewer people in your home will catch the disease that was brought home.

Benefits of UV Air Purifiers

Many people notice that once they have UV light air purifiers installed in their homes they notice a number of great benefits.

Fewer Odors In Your Home – UV air purifiers clean the air so well that they can even remove odor molecules from the air.
Reduced Cleaning Time – Many people notice that their house is cleaner. Improved indoor air quality means less dust in your home, meaning you’ll have to clean less.
Improved Health – Diseases won’t be able to spread as easily from person to person in your home once you have a UV air purifier installed.

UV light technology needs very little maintenance to be maintained. Since the system does not require a filter or a basin, there is nothing you need to change to refill on a regular basis. You may need to replace the bulb every few years, but that’s the most maintenance these systems require. Often, your HVAC technician will include inspecting your UV air purifier as part of their annual maintenance appointment for your furnace or heating system.

If I Have a UV Air Cleaner, Do I Still Need to Change My Air Filters?

Yes – air filters are still very important in improving indoor air quality. Air filters trap large particles like dog hair, dust, and dander. Air filters work to remove this kind of particle matter from your HVAC system, whereas UV air cleaners sanitize the air. You still want to make sure that your system is clean and free of pollutants so it runs efficiently.

Talk to Douglas Cooling & Heating About Whole-House UV Air Cleaner Installation in Birmingham, Alabama

If you have questions about how you can make your indoor air quality better, talk to the experts at Douglas Cooling & Heating. We can answer all your question about air filtration systems, purifiers, and cleaners. Have confidence in the air you breathe and talk to Douglas Cooling & Heating today.

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