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How to Tell You Need Help With Your Home’s Wiring

electrical-wiresWe all know those classic “spooky” things that happen in a haunted house: light switches that don’t respond, bulbs that blow out for seemingly no reason, flickering lights throughout the house, and strange noises to top it all off. While these strange occurrences do make for a great haunted house, they can also be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. No, it isn’t because you have a poltergeist–it is because something is wrong with your electrical wiring in Pelham, AL.

If you are having issues with your electrical wiring, you will need to reach out to a professional electrician like the ones on our team for help.

5 Warning Signs Something is Off With Your Wiring

If you are having an issue with the wiring in your home, you aren’t alone. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve visited a house to discover that a previous tenant had messed with the wiring without the necessary professional background to do the job right. Here are some signs that something may be wrong with your home’s electrical wiring:

  1. You have burnt outlets. Have you had trouble with plugging in certain appliances and having your outlets spark and burn as a result? This is dangerous for more than one reason and is a key indicator that something may be wrong with the wiring connected to this outlet.
  2. You have lights that flicker or dim. When you turn on the lights do they turn on strong and stay that way? Or do they slowly light up and them flicker or fluctuate in how much light they provide? If the second situation sounds more familiar than the first, it means you have a problem with your electrical wiring.
  3. You have frequent circuit breaker trips. Plugging in two electrical appliances shouldn’t cause a short-circuit. If it does, then you need to call an electrician to check out your home’s electrical systems. There is a chance that you need to upgrade your electrical panel but this may also indicate an issue with the wiring in the home.
  4. You can see frayed wiring. Seeing the problem is, of course, one of the easiest ways to tell that it exists! If you have spotted frayed wiring or wiring that has been chewed up, reach out to a professional ASAP to get the wiring replaced. Old frayed wiring isn’t worth the trouble it creates–or the danger!
  5. You can smell something burning. Last but not least, don’t ignore the smell of burning electrical wiring. This distinct, acrid smell is going to mean something is creating a lot of heat, usually wiring that isn’t set up properly or has started to break down with age.

If you have trouble with your electrical wiring this can mess with your home’s function and can also put you at risk. This is because faulty electrical wiring can create dangers like power outages or electrical fires. Don’t ignore the issue! Reach out for help from a professional electrical today.

Contact the electricians at Douglas Cooling & Heating today. Your experience is what matters most!

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