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Say No To Pests with an HVAC Inspection

Winter is almost here, and critters will soon be searching for a place to hide during the colder weather. Typical places they love to invade are warm, dry heating and cooling systems. Protect your equipment from an infestation by scheduling an HVAC inspection now! Douglas Cooling & Heating is qualified to perform an HVAC inspection, evaluate any signs of pest problems and remove any debris, feces or nesting.

Various gaps and holes allow rodents, pests, and other insects to crawl through to make a hiding place during the winter. Our NATE-certified technicians will stop the pests before they become a problem. Let’s review the benefits of an HVAC inspection and other ways you can protect yourself against harmful pests.

HVAC Inspection First

An HVAC inspection performed by our licensed professionals detects signs of an infestation early during the fall months. Pests, rodents and insects leave behind an assortment of debris, including their dead bodies.

These remnants in your heating and cooling system impact your indoor air quality and increase health risks inside your home. You will notice strange smells whenever your HVAC system operates, and the odors won’t dissipate until the offending pest or detritus is removed.

We will clean your outdoor and indoor unit, including the ductwork, to ensure all traces of the infestation are gone. Not only will an HVAC inspection prevent pests from hibernating in your unit, it will improve its performance for the winter months.

Potential problems are caught early so you can plan accordingly and schedule HVAC repairs if necessary. Problems diagnosed early keep your heating and cooling system from malfunctions during the holidays and keep your loved ones comfortable indoors.

Common Pests Found in an HVAC Inspection

There are several indicators pests, rodents and insects are inside your heating and cooling system. If you notice strange odors coming out of your vents? Blowflies appearing out of nowhere?  Evidence of nesting? You probably have something living inside your heating and cooling system. Common pests which like to seek shelter in your HVAC system include:

Mice and Rats

You might be shocked how these small animals love to crawl into the tightest spaces, which of course includes your heating and cooling system. Additionally, they are incredibly destructive and can chew through refrigerant lines and other components. This easily leads to expensive repairs in the future.

Mice and rats often use duct material to build nests. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating for an HVAC inspection. This will help eradicate them completely from your home.


These small, pesky creatures like to crawl into small areas, like your ductwork, vents and indoor HVAC unit. Reduce the risk of spiders when you keep these areas clean and schedule routine HVAC maintenance.  


Finally, when the weather turns cold, snakes crawl into your HVAC system because it’s warm. Because they aren’t able to regulate their own body temperature, nesting in ductwork provides them with the warmest place in your home. Often snakes breed inside ductwork, too.

Snakes coil themselves inside the condenser unit and when the fan blade starts up, the snake dies. This can damage your blades and lead to a foul stench circulating throughout your home.

Make the smart choice this fall and schedule an HVAC inspection with Douglas Cooling & Heating! We will inspect your system and remove pests which might interfere with its performance and your comfort. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating today to schedule your inspection with our NATE-certified technicians.

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