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Attic Ventilation For Central Heating and Air Systems

One easy way for Alabama homeowners to improve their home and save money is to keep the central heating and air unit healthy with proper attic ventilation. Let’s discuss how your attic ventilation affects your home’s comfort and the life of your HVAC system.

Saves You Money on Your Central Heating and Air Bills

An improperly ventilated attic causes inefficient performance in your central heating and air unit. This means you notice hot air entering your house during the summer and cold air during the winter.

The air which penetrates your home will force your central heating and air unit to operate harder to counteract the temperatures from outside. It’s likely your central heating and air unit won’t be able to keep up with the demands.

This leaves your home with uneven temperatures from room to room. Adequate ventilation and insulation in your attic work together to prevent air from entering your home.

When hot or cold air isn’t lost through your attic you have lower energy bills. Your central heating and air system operates less, meaning lower daily energy consumption.

Reduces Signs of Wear and Tear on Your Central Heating and Air

Your attic ventilation directly affects your central heating and air unit’s performance and signs of wear and tear. Our NATE-certified experts look for poor attic ventilation when they notice signs of excessive stress on your HVAC system during a tune-up or repair visit.

Stress on your heating and cooling unit comes from the constant temperature changes from your attic and this forces it to work harder and more often than necessary. The stress our professionals’ notice lead to frequent breakdowns, resulting in expensive HVAC repairs over time if not addressed.

If you notice your central heating and air unit experiences more breakdowns than usual or operates more often, call Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule maintenance. Problems diagnosed early help prevent future repairs and save you money.

During maintenance, our trained professionals thoroughly inspect your system. They let you know if the attic ventilation is responsible for unseen issues.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Central Heating and Air System

Proper attic ventilation saves you money on your energy bill and reduces signs of wear and tear, plus it lengthens the lifespan of your HVAC system. Your central heating and air unit operates as necessary to keep your home at ideal temperatures.

Less wear and tear lets your system breathe and take a break when it’s not repeatedly cycling due to varying temperatures from the attic. In the long run, your central heating and air unit performs more efficiently and lowers the risk of system replacement before you are financially ready.

Other Central Heating and Air Benefits of Attic Ventilation

Besides energy efficiency and the performance improvements, proper attic ventilation offers you other advantages in your home. The structure of our house will be more sound and reduce the risk of structural deterioration. Excess moisture compromises wood rafters and the roof’s decking if unchecked. Attic ventilation is an effective way of removing moisture and heat from your attic throughout the year.

Know the ins and out of your attic’s ventilation by calling our HVAC professionals at Douglas Cooling & Heating. We will gladly inspect your central heating and air unit for signs of wear and tear. We’ll determine if your attic ventilation is the problem. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today!

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