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Is Punxsutawney Phil Going to See His Shadow?

If Not, Is Your AC Ready For the Warmer Weather?


Punxsutawney Phil will soon be coming out to predict the early spring season, and you need to be ready for the warmer weather that’s coming! Your air conditioner or other cooling system need to be prepared to battle the extreme heat and high humidity levels that arrive with seasonal changes in the spring. HVAC maintenance for spring weather goes hand-in-hand with Groundhogs Day temperature predictions.   

Why Schedule HVAC Maintenance for Spring Weather?

When Phil does his famous Groundhogs Day temperature and season prediction, many things come to mind about the early spring. The most thought of is spring cleaning, which tackles every nook and cranny of your home. Just like spring cleaning, your cooling system needs to undergo maintenance in early spring for several reasons:

  • Avoid the Rush

It’s better to schedule your maintenance for spring sooner rather than later, especially before the hot temperatures hit. You don’t want to make a frantic, emergency phone call during extreme highs and intense humidity. Plus, most people wait to schedule their HVAC maintenance for spring right before summer arrives or when their system goes out because of the extreme temperature change. Then you will have to deal with waiting for an appointment.  

  • Replace Worn-Out Parts

Regardless of how durable modern HVAC systems are, you will still experience components that are worn out and need to be replaced. You could have damaged parts in your cooling system that you aren’t even aware of since you last used it. Our technicians at Douglas Cooling & Heating will inspect your cooling system, identify any damaged components, and repair or replace them before the heat hits. This will save you money, in the long run, considering you won’t have to make a last-minute call for an HVAC repair when your air conditioner stops working altogether.

  • Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Preventative maintenance in early spring allows your system to perform efficiently and struggle-free during spring and summer. With maintenance, your unit is properly lubricated and cleaned, which is important after low winter temperatures. Future breakdowns and costly replacements are also limited with spring maintenance. Douglas Cooling & Heating offers preventative maintenance plans, so our NATE-certified technicians will extend the life of your cooling system and boost your cooling efficiency during heat waves!

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your furnace produces dry air inside your home during the winter weather. If you had your home winterized, you might even suffer from extreme stale indoor air trapped indoors. Aside from opening windows and letting fresh air in, HVAC maintenance for spring weather eliminates clogged filters and dust buildup inside your unit, and removes any obstructions in your ductwork. If you have anything blocking or restricting your airflow in your unit, your indoor air quality is compromised, leading to poor indoor quality and health issues.

  • Increase Energy Savings

HVAC maintenance on your air conditioner or heat pump not only extends the life of your unit but it can save you money on your energy bill. Properly maintained equipment will meet the demands of your thermostat despite the outside temperature. Systems that have dirty air filters, restricted airflow, or damaged parts have to work harder to provide cooler temperatures in your home, consuming more energy.

Early spring savings and improved efficiency are guaranteed when preparing for Groundhogs Day temperatures! Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating today and schedule your HVAC maintenance for spring weather with our NATE-certified technicians.  

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