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Is There Water Leaking Out of My Air Conditioner?

Because the weather in this part of the country can be so oppressively hot throughout the summer season, and because that season can sometimes seem to stretch on and on, any signs of trouble with one’s air conditioning system can be quite alarming. If you notice anything that all out of the ordinary with your AC, we strongly recommend that you schedule professional air conditioning repairs in Birmingham, AL immediately. Sometimes, the problem at hand is not precisely what it seems. Only a trained professional can determine with certainty what has gone wrong with your system. One concern we hear from time to time has to do with water leaking out of a system.

Melting Ice

First of all, we should point out that your air conditioner does not actually use water in its operation. In that sense, the system itself is not really “leaking” water, as it might leak refrigerant. However, there could be ice building up in your system, and the water generated by the melting of that ice could give the appearance of a leak.

So why might ice develop on your system? Chances are that the evaporator coil is getting too cold, and the condensation on that coil is freezing up. This could be due to refrigerant leaks, or perhaps simply a dirty air filter that is restricting airflow over the coil. Either way, the problem must be resolved in order to prevent water damage to your property.

Condensate Backup

We mentioned condensation freezing on the evaporator coil above. As your air conditioner cools air, it draws humidity out of the air. This causes condensation, and that moisture must be removed from your home. That job is left to a condensate drain pan and drain line. If there is debris in the line, the line or pan is cracked, or any other issues develop, the condensation may leak or back up into your home.

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