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Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

As you complete home spring cleaning this season, don’t forget to show your cooling system some attention, too! Maintenance care for your air conditioner or heat pump will help the system operate reliably and with greater energy efficiency once hot weather arrives. Here are some important spring HVAC unit maintenance tips to help you out, straight from the heating and cooling pros of Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Schedule a Cooling System Tune Up

Out of all the spring HVAC unit maintenance tips we could share, the most important one is this: schedule a professional annual HVAC maintenance servicing for your air conditioning system or heat pump. Preventative maintenance service for your cooling equipment will prepare your system for reliable performance once hot weather arrives. A tune up in the spring also improves energy efficiency and helps your air conditioning unit or heat pump last longer, too!

During a spring preventative maintenance tune up for your HVAC unit, all aspects of the HVAC system are serviced and inspected to ensure proper operation. Your technician will perform the care your cooling unit needs going into the months of heavy use, so you can rest assured your household has access to cool air when you need it most.

Any flaws in the system can be identified by a professional HVAC technician and corrected right away. This helps you avoid the possibility of a breakdown and a lack of cool air on a hot day, as well as extensive system damage during the summer season. By correcting these defects while they are still minor, you can avoid serious damage to HVAC system components that can cut your cooling system’s service life short.

If you’re concerned that your air conditioning system or heat pump tune up will cost more than its worth – think again. HVAC system tune ups return your unit to peak efficiency which helps you save money on energy bills. Oftentimes, the money you save cooling your home with an efficient system is more than emergency repair bills and inefficient energy usage. Kepp your HVAC system running efficiently to save money in the long run.

Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

Scheduling professional services aren’t the only spring HVAC maintenance tips homeowners need to address this time of year. Here are some additional HVAC system maintenance tips to practice:

  • Replace the system’s air filters. After a long winter of regular heating system use, your HVAC equipment likely has an old dirty air filter that is full of contaminants. Remove the old filter and install a new replacement filter so it’s ready to go once it’s time to turn on the system again.
  • If you covered your outdoor condensing ac unit over the winter months, be sure to remove the cover before you turn on the air conditioning. Operating the system with a cover over the outdoor unit can lead to serious damage.
  • Clean up the outdoor unit. Clear away any yard debris that have collected along the unit’s fins. Remove any weeds growing up around the unit’s base. Trim bushes and limbs growing near the unit. Remove all items stored in the immediate area surrounding the unit, leaving at least two feet of clear space on all sides.
  • Adjust your thermostat settings. Reprogram your programmable thermostat with your preferred temperatures for cooling season and adjust scheduled temperature adjustments according to the household’s current schedule. Be sure to use efficient temperature settings over long periods when the home is unoccupied to cut your energy bills in the Summer.
  • Make sure all vents throughout the home are open and unobstructed. Check all supply vent covers and return air vents – set all louvered covers to the open position and remove any furniture, rugs, or other items that may be blocking airflow through the vent.

Schedule Cooling Maintenance Services Today

Practice the spring HVAC maintenance tips above and your cooling system will be well prepared to keep your family comfortable come summer. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating today to schedule routine maintenance to prep your air conditioner or heat pump for the summer months ahead.

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