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Summer Over? Not Yet. Service Your Air Conditioner

Labor Day May Have Passed – It’s Still Hot in Alabama

Even though school is starting and your adventures are coming to an end, your air conditioner still needs to perform. Alabama experiences hot weather into fall, which means a tune-up on your air conditioner needs to be a top priority.

It’s easy to lose track of time and forget to schedule maintenance before summer arrives. It’s not too late to improve your air conditioner’s performance.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers service on air conditioners, including preventative maintenance plans, tune-ups, HVAC repairs and upgrade options. We will inspect your cooling system and ensure its working efficiently long after summer is finished.

We offer financing options and free estimates when a replacement air conditioner is necessary. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating for a comfortable home for the end of summer.

Help Your Air Conditioner Push Through

A regularly-maintained air conditioner performs efficiently. It keeps you cool without blowing up your energy bill. Know the warning signs something is wrong with your air conditioner before it’s too late:

  • Strange Noises: An air conditioner, especially newer energy-efficient models, are designed to perform quietly in the background. They aren’t supposed to draw attention to themselves, so when loud noises are noticed when air conditioners start up, operate or shut off, something is wrong.

    If you notice clanging, banging, shrieking, grinding or rattling noises, don’t hesitate to call Douglas Cooling & Heating immediately. Any strange sounds you hear are signs your air conditioner needs help ASAP!
  • Expensive Energy Bills: If you notice your energy bill keeps getting higher and higher each month, the problem might be your air conditioner. Dirty air conditioners experience airflow issues on a daily basis.

    Dirt, dust and other debris accumulate inside your air conditioner and clog your air ducts. Restricted airflow forces it to work harder to supply cold air around your home, which means it expends more energy trying to cool your home.
  • Foul Odors: When your AC unit is running, pay attention to the smells floating throughout your home. If you notice weird smells, such as rotten eggs, mildew or a burning smell, call Douglas Cooling & Heating.

    Every smell points to a different problem and our NATE-certified professionals can diagnose and correct it.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is close to 15 years old and you are experiencing lots of repairs, consider upgrading to a more energy efficient unit. A new cooling system is an investment while the added expense pays off in the long run. You will notice lower energy bills and better performance when you retire your old inefficient AC unit.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers several options for your cooling needs within different budgets. Achieving energy efficiency in your home is easy with our help. Quick and easy free estimates are available from an online form.

We will send a team member to your house to perform an in-home consultation. We will assist you with financing options so you can enjoy the comfort and safety you deserve!

Don’t hesitate to schedule a tune-up on your air conditioner before the summer ends. You will enjoy cool air and lower energy bills when you seek help from our NATE-certified technicians. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today to schedule service or find out more about upgrading to a more energy efficient air conditioner.

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