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These Indicators Mean Your Furnace Needs a Fix

At this time of the year, there is enough to take care of without having to worry about a furnace failure. Problems can’t always be avoided though. That is why it is a good idea to know how to identify possible issues as early on as possible.

How can you find out whether or not you need a furnace repair in Birmingham, AL? Be on the alert for these warning signs!

Warning Signs of Furnace Trouble

The sooner you get a professional to check and help out your furnace, the better off you’ll be! Get ahead of things by watching for the following warning signs from your furnace.

  • Weakened airflow: Does it feel like there is little to no air coming out of the vents in your home? Then you likely have a malfunction on your hands. There may be a leak in your ductwork, too much dirt in your filter, or a problem with a blower fan.
  • Bad smells: When your furnace is operating, it shouldn’t stink up the house. If it does though, take note of what you smell. Concerning smells include rotten eggs or sulfur indicating gas leaks, the acrid odor of burning electrical parts, and even the smell of burning dust or dirt that just won’t go away.
  • Concerning sounds: How does your furnace sound when it’s running? If it has started to make some new noises while it’s operating, we’d say it’s time to talk to a professional. Sounds such as rattling, hissing, clanging, or screeching could indicate it’s time to call us for a repair.
  • High energy bills: When you use your furnace, it’ll always impact your energy bills in at least a small way. However, if you notice huge increases in your energy bills after you start running your heating system, we’d advise having it checked out. A struggling furnace may eat up more fuel and energy in an effort to get the job done.
  • Tripped circuits: You turn on your furnace only to have it shut itself off and trip a circuit. Not only does this force you to go outside where it is even colder to flip that circuit back, but this can often indicate your system is overheating or having other problems creating an electrical surge.
  • Cold spots: Using your furnace should warm up the entire house, not just specific rooms. If you have cold spots throughout the house though, it’s a sign there’s something hindering the distribution of warm air throughout the home. Double-check that your vents are all open and if that doesn’t remedy the problem, call us to come check it out.

When your furnace encounters problems, it’s going to cost you both in how much you pay to keep warm and how warm you actually are. That’s why getting furnace repairs taken care of quickly is so important. The sooner you get problems addressed, the less likely they are to add up over time.

Schedule an appointment with Douglas Cooling & Heating for furnace repairs and other service needs. Your experience is what matters most!

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