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These Sounds From Your AC Mean Trouble

woman-covering-her-earsWhat do you hear when you use your air conditioner? Do you hear your thermostat click on and hear your AC begin to produce a steady whoosh of cool air? If this is an accurate description of what you experience when your system is on, then your system is probably in pretty good shape.

But what if what you hear is a little different? What if it isĀ really different?

An air conditioner that is making one or more new, concerning noises is a system that really needs an expert AC repair in Birmingham, AL. Let’s look at the noises you should be on the alert for so you know when to contact us for service.

Hissing or bubbling

If you hear either of these sounds, they may both be related to a leak in your refrigerant line which is a big problem. Bubbling indicates air is entering the line where the refrigerant is still a liquid; hissing indicates the gaseous refrigerant is escaping the line through a leak. Whether you hear one or both noises, make sure to have a professional check on your system ASAP to identify and address a possible leak.


When your air conditioner starts to sound like it is shaking something around inside of it, you’ll want to schedule repairs before things escalate. What you are lit=kely hearing is a loose part within the system. There may be a loose bolt or screw or even a loose fan blade that needs to be addressed. While loose parts may not be a big hindrance to your comfort, it is best to get to them before they pop free and start to cause serious damage to your system.


This is a hard noise to ignore. If anything, that is good because it helps encourage people to get repairs faster! Screeching is created by metal scraping against metal such as when a loose fan blade is hitting it housing or when a blower motor belt needs lubrication. Make sure to have a professional provide the solution for this issue.


You turn on your air conditioner and hear…nothing. No clicking, no humming, no whoosh of air. This isn’t a sign that your system is operating especially quietly. Silence means that your AC isn’t operating at all. Maybe there is a disconnect between the thermostat and the AC or perhaps the system has had a major breakdown. Whatever the case, you’ll need to get repairs to get things running again.

Our Team Is Here For Your Repair Needs

If you are noticing the sounds we’ve listed above, or you notice any other problems with your air conditioner, the sooner your get your repairs scheduled, the better off you’ll be. Prompt repairs can help to maximize your system’s lifespan and it can also help ensure that it is able to operate with great efficiency. Our team is here to provide the repairs that you need.

Your experience is what matters most! Get the best service and customer care around when you schedule your air conditioner repairs with Douglas Cooling & Heating.

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