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What Is Ductless Heating, and Is It Right for My Alabama Home?

Birmingham, AL homeowners have many options when it comes to heating systems for their residences. Furnaces and heat pumps are common choices that have been around for ages, but ductless heating is growing in popularity! Many don’t know about this type of heating system and ask what is ductless heating? Douglas Cooling & Heating explains ductless heating systems and why they should be considered for your Alabama home.

What Is Ductless Heating?

Ductless heating differs from the conventional heating system types most homeowners are familiar with. Most people know about furnaces and heat pumps that use a duct system to send warm air into living areas from the unit. As the name suggests, ductless heating is a type of heating system that does not use a duct distribution system to send heated air throughout the home.

Furnace systems operate using a single piece of indoor equipment, while heat pumps are a split system with an outdoor heat pump and indoor air handler. In both of these systems, the indoor unit is connected to ductwork which carries conditioned air to living areas. Ductless heating is much different in that a single outdoor heat pump connects directly to multiple individual air handler units, which are installed directly in the living spaces they are designated to heat.

The outdoor heat pump and indoor air handlers are connected via a line set, which is a small pipe that transports refrigerant between the units for heat exchange. Outdoors, the heat pump extracts heat from the air, just as a conventional heat pump does. Instead of transporting refrigerant back to a centralized air handler for heat exchange, refrigerant travels to the individual air handlers throughout the home. These air handlers transfer heat to the air as needed and send heated air directly into the room or area in which they are installed. 

Is Ductless Heating Good for Alabama Homes?

Now that we’ve answered what ductless heating is, let’s explore why Alabama homeowners may want to take advantage of this heating system technology.

  • Ductless systems provide individualized, zoned heating for improved comfort and better energy efficiency. Each indoor air handler is controlled separately from the other connected units, allowing users to adjust heating needs in their space without impacting the heating in other areas. Heating is only used when needed in each area, which saves energy versus heating the entire home to the same specifications, regardless of individual comfort preferences.
  • Ductless mini splits can be installed in a variety of applications, used as a whole home solution or a means to heat only one area. Add a ductless system to heat new areas of the home, such as a newly finished attic space or home addition. Install ductless heating in targeted areas for supplemental heat when your existing central furnace or heat pump just doesn’t meet the needs of these particular spaces. Expand a ductless mini split system to include multiple air handlers and provide heat across the entire home. The possibilities are abundant!
  • Without the ductwork requirement, ductless heating can go places traditional furnaces and heat pumps can’t. They’re great for older homes that don’t have ducts or central heating, nor the space to install ducts without taking up significant space. If you have older ducts that need replacement, that expense while upgrading your heating system can be prohibitive – installing ductless heating is a more affordable solution in this situation. In any situation, the absence of ducts makes these systems 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient than ducted heating options, as most duct systems are riddled with hidden and unknown air leaks.
  • While ductless heating equipment is installed directly in living areas versus out of the way in a utility closet, basement, or garage as most furnaces and central air handlers are, the indoor equipment isn’t large and intrusive. Plus, several options exist for wall or in-ceiling installation, so you can blend the HVAC equipment with your home décor.

Ductless Heating Systems in Birmingham, AL

Ductless heating is an excellent choice for warm comfort in Birmingham, AL area homes. If you have more questions about what ductless heating is or would like a quote for installation, please call Douglas Cooling & Heating today.

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