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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

It can be difficult to know when to replace air conditioner equipment in your Birmingham area home. While early replacement saves you the scrambling involved when faced with the sudden death of older equipment, no one wants to spend money on something new when the old one is working just fine!

Birmingham area homeowners find it hard to make the decision between repairs for an older cooling system and when to replace air conditioner equipment. When you face this dilemma, try evaluating the situation based on the factors below – you may find replacement is the best option after all.

When to Replace Air Conditioner Equipment and Skip Repairs

Repairing and replacing an air conditioner are completely different ball games – in terms of the extent of work typically required, the results and the expense. Before you make another repair to your older AC system, think about these key points to determine if now is the right time for replacement.

Age of Existing Air Conditioner

Knowing when you need to replace air conditioning equipment can be like a gamble – you want to find that perfect balance point between saving yourself future headaches and saving money by maximizing years of service from your old system. As you assess when to make the bet, the most important number you need to consider is the age of your home’s existing AC.

The expected service life of an air conditioner is about 15 years. How you care for it over that span can reward you with extra years of service beyond the anticipated lifespan or punish you for its neglect with a shorter service life.

Verdict – consider skipping repairs and move to replace your current AC system if it’s almost 15 years old or older and in need of repairs.

Present Energy Costs

Beyond expected service life, you have to think about how efficiency is affected by system age. Technology advances rapidly in the HVAC world, and your existing system is nowhere near as energy efficient as the models offered today, even when it was first installed! Plus, efficiency declines each year of use. With a newer model, you know what to expect, and can count on the savings generated by higher-efficiency equipment.

When your energy bills steadily climb year after year, replacing your air conditioning equipment sooner than later will  save you money each month.

Verdict – skip repairs made in hopes of improving the efficiency of an older air conditioner, as they likely won’t produce a noticeable difference. The better choice is to replace the old unit with an efficient model.

Comfort Discrepancies

Can you rely on your existing air conditioner to keep your home comfortable? Many homes with older AC units are plagued with hot spots, which occur when some areas or rooms are warmer than others and are difficult to properly cool. This is often due to diminished performance from an older cooling system.

If you choose to replace your air conditioning system now, you can guarantee many years of reliable comfort thanks to newer technologies and better performance capabilities available.

Verdict – repairs to your older system can help the aging AC maintain its current level of performance, but if that isn’t enough to keep your home comfortable, replacement is a better choice.

Benefits Come with a New Air Conditioner

If you decide there’s no time like the present to replace AC equipment, you’ll enjoy immediate benefits from your new system including:

New Air Conditioner Warranty 

When you upgrade to a new AC, one of the greatest benefits is a new warranty. Most new ACs come with a 10-year limited warranty when installed by a licensed technician. A new AC unit offers peace of mind and several years of protection in case certain issues arise. Our licensed technicians perform flawless installation of any new Bryant AC, abiding by manufacturer terms to ensure the warranty stays valid after installation. We deliver the ongoing maintenance services necessary to protect your warranty through the length of its term.

Increased Savings

The expense involved in upgrading to a new air conditioner might seem high, but the savings – in the long run – make up for the initial cost. Newer, more efficient air conditioners reduce the amount of energy used to cool your home and generate utility savings every month they’re in use. Look for a new air conditioner with a cooling efficiency at least 14 SEER or higher. The higher the SEER rating, the greater efficiency and energy savings for you down the road.

Increased Comfort

Newer ACs deliver increased efficiency and even temperatures in every room through advanced features not found on older models. If you upgrade to a new air conditioner with a variable-speed compressor, you won’t deal with hot or cold spots in your home. Newer models control humidity better, too, so you can enjoy cooler temperatures indoors regardless of the humidity levels outside. Humidity allows mold, mildew and dust mites to take root in your home – by controlling the moisture in your air, you experience fewer problems with mold growth as well as allergies and asthma.

Reliable Performance

Older air conditioners are unpredictable, especially if you deal with HVAC repairs every other month. You never know when your AC unit will break down or not start at all, making it hard to know when you need to replace it.

Upgrading your air conditioner equips your home with a new unit that performs as expected for many years without causing worry over surprise repairs. A preventative maintenance plan for the new unit helps prevent breakdowns even longer!

Noise Reduction

New air conditioners operate quietly compared to older HVAC systems. The compressor stays quiet with sound-reduction technology. Each unit includes a sound rating that shares how quiet it performs. Proper installation of a new air conditioner by a licensed technician ensures your new investment is correctly sized for your home’s needs. A system that’s too large or small performs inconsistently. Also, the pressure of the air moving through ducts is louder if the unit is too big for your home.

Wondering When to Replace Your Air Conditioner Equipment? How About Now!

Douglas Cooling & Heating will help you decide when to replace your home’s air conditioner equipment by helping you accurately assess the condition of your existing system and exploring replacement options that will offer the improvements you desire. Talk to a knowledgeable HVAC technician today to learn if replacement is right for your air conditioner – give us a call!

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