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5 AC Noises to Listen For So You Know When To Get Repairs

woman-covering-her-earsWhen you are chilling at home, you won’t be able to stay very cool if your air conditioner isn’t operating properly. If you have an AC system that needs to be repaired, the longer you wait to address the problem the worse it will get. One of the ways that you can pick up on the need for repairs is to listen for them.

There are several noises that your air conditioner might make that should alert you to a potential problem. If you pick up on one of these problematic sounds, make sure you reach out to Douglas Cooling & Heating for service as soon as you can to avoid a breakdown.

5 Sounds That Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Meant To Make

There are some noises that your air conditioner will make that you don’t need to be concerned about such as a whooshing or brief amount of clicking at the end of the cooling cycle. Other noises though are going to be a warning of problems in your AC system. These sounds include:

  1. Screeching or screaming: Just the thought of this noise probably makes you cringe. It is unpleasant for your ears and your air conditioner too. Screeching can indicate a problem with your system fan or your blower motor belt.
  2. Buzzing or humming: Does it sound like your AC unit is trying to hum a few bars or is making a buzzing noise? These sounds might be caused by problems with your filter or with loose parts vibrating in their housing. It may also indicate electrical problems. Whatever the cause, make sure you reach out to a professional to have it diagnosed and repaired.
  3. Hissing: A hissing noise shouldn’t be mistaken for something akin to the whooshing of a unit in good shape. A hissing is actually a sign that there is a problem with your AC such as a clogged air filter or even a refrigerant leak.
  4. Rattling: A rattling noise is one that should absolutely create concern when you pick up on it. It could be a sign of loose parts like screws, bolts, or even a fan blade that needs to be tightened. If ignored for too long, the rattling may worsen as those parts come free and rattle around your system and create further damage.
  5. Continuous clicking: We know we mentioned clicking as a normal noise above but that is only when you hear it for a minute or two at the end of your cooling cycle. If you hear a clicking noise throughout the entirety of the cooling process, it means you have a problem.

If you need help addressing some of the strange sounds that your air conditioner has started to make, the team at Douglas Cooling & Heating can help. Our trained professional technicians can ensure your system is repaired and operating effectively this summer. Call us!

Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating for all of your AC services, from AC installation in Birmingham, AL to AC repairs, and more. Your experience is what matters most!

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