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Is a Ductless System Right For You?

The summer season is in full swing and temperatures are likely to get even hotter. If you don’t already have an efficient and reliable system for air conditioning in Birmingham, AL, now is a good time to look into one. Having a reliable AC to keep you cool in the coming months can make all the difference in how well you sleep, eat, and feel overall. Why not consider a ductless system as your next option?

What is a Ductless System?

A ductless system is a type of heat pump. This is a system that uses an outdoor condenser unit and multiple air handlers as its indoor evaporator unit. What’s more, ductless air conditioners are set up to provide cool air to your home without needing to use ductwork. It does this using the multiple air handlers (you can have anywhere from one to four in your home) to cool the air in the house.

Ductless systems are known for being highly efficient, effective, quiet, and even customizable in some ways. For example,  you can have air handlers that are set up on your wall or as a cassette on the ceiling. And did we mention you can run those air handlers one at a time if you want to?

This is a unique and helpful system that can work for just about any home.

What Makes a Ductless AC a Great Option?

So what are the specific benefits that come with a ductless mini split? We’re glad you asked.

  • Efficiency. Ductless systems are incredibly energy efficient. They are able to use much less energy to cool your home largely in part because they don’t use ductwork where energy may be lost due to air leaks.
  • Custom comfort. As we touched upon briefly when you have a ductless system you have multiple air handlers that can be run individually or in unison with each other. This means if you are the only person home and you are in one room of the house you can simply turn on the air handler to cool that room or portion of the house loan to save energy while remaining comfortable.
  • Suits smaller spaces. Homes that are smaller may not have room for ductwork the same way that older homes may be able to accommodate ductwork. Thankfully if you have a smaller or older home you are not stuck with using just a window unit. Ductless AC systems are the answer for situations like these.
  • Year-round comfort. If you hadn’t guessed already, ductless systems are able to provide comfort all year long because they are a kind of heat pump. They do this because they can reverse the flow of refrigerant in the system allowing them to pull heat in during the winter and push it out during the summer.

If you are looking for a new air conditioning system then a ductless heat pump may be a good option to consider. If you aren’t sure if a ductless AC would be the best option for you we can help you figure out which option is.

Your experience is what matters most! Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to get started today.

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