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When Should I Replace My Home’s Water Heater?

Hot water is a necessity in every single home. From doing laundry to washing clothes, we use hot water in many different ways throughout the day. However, many of us take advantage of the fact that hot water always seems to be there when we turn or lift the handle.

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” Laundry, showers, dishwashing, and more can be made more difficult than before without hot water. However, there are ways to know when your water heater should be replaced before it completely breaks down, leaving your home only with cold water.

Signs It’s Time to Replace the Water Heater

The system is around 10 years old

Just like every appliance within your home, your hot water heater has a limited life expectancy. As much as we all wish that water heaters lasted forever, that simply isn’t the case. As a general rule, water heaters last around 10 years. If your water heater is creeping up to 10 years of age, or if it has already passed that milestone, consider replacing it now to ensure that you won’t be left without hot water when you need it most.

Leaks are present around the water heater

Water heater leaks can cause a variety of issues, including water damage to your home. A leak around your water heater will often signal that the metal within the system itself has expanded. As metal expands within the system, it can cause holes and gaps to form. As the gaps begin to grow, it will leak more water until the issue is ultimately addressed or altogether replaced.

The water heater is making strange, loud noises

Water heaters that seem to rumble and tumble whenever they heat water signals that the system needs to be replaced soon. These noises, usually seen exclusively in older systems, often indicate that the system is putting more effort into heating your home’s water than it previously had to. While annual water heater maintenance can help your water heater stay functional and at its peak for longer, an old water heater should be replaced sooner than later in order to avoid a complete breakdown.

Rust is present on the exterior of the water heater tank

Aside from just being ugly to look at, rust on the exterior of a system signals that issues are present within the water heater. Rust on the exterior can eat into the system and into the hot water supply, creating rusty water. On top of being smelly and unpleasant, rusty water can be unhealthy to use or consume. Inspect the exterior of your hot water heater to ensure that rust isn’t forming or beginning to take place.

Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to Replace Your Water Heater

Water heaters are essential to our everyday lives. If you suspect that your water heater might be starting to break down, or you’re noticing other issues with your system, call Douglas Cooling & Heating to inspect the system. Our water heater replacement and repair professionals will completely inspect the system and recommend the best course of action for your unique situation. Contact us the Douglas Cooling & Heating at Douglas Cooling & Heating today to schedule an appointment for hot water heater repair, request emergency service, or to have us install a new water heater.

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